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Detroit Lions Quarterback Matthew Stafford. Photo Credit: Mike Morbeck – Under Creative Commons License

The Matthew Stafford Contract Saga Continues

Matthew Stafford believes he deserves as much money as Oakland Raiders Quarterback Derek Carr. The Detroit Lions, on the other hand, disagree with Stafford’s demand and so, the contract saga continues.

On June 22nd, Derek Carr signed a five year, $125 million contract with the Oakland Raiders that will see him be paid an average salary of $25 million.

Next year, Kirk Cousins contract with the Washington Redskins expires. Undoubtedly, he will push the market price even higher than Stafford and Carr have. If the Lions linger, they could be looking at a $30 million contract extension, rather than, paying $23-$26 million today.

Stafford, wanting $25 million for his new contract, reaches discrepancies with the Detroit Lion’s upper-management. However, Does Stafford deserve to be paid more than Carr? Is Stafford a necessity for the Detroit Lions? Do the Lions have viable options if Stafford does leave?

Stafford, who turns 30-years-old in February, threw for 4,327 yards, and 24 touchdowns (TDs) with a 65.3 completion percentage last season. He also ran for two TDs in 2016. Compared to Carr, 26, who threw for 3,937 yards, and 28 TDs with a 63.8 completion percentage in 2016. Carr had no rushing TDs.

Obviously, Stafford was better than Carr in almost every category, except for passing TDs. However, Stafford is three years older than Carr and in my opinion, if the Lions, can’t find a viable alternative, they will have to give in to Stafford’s demands.

Right now, current free agent quarterbacks include Colin Kaepernick, Robert Griffin III, Shaun Hill and Christian Ponder. Are any of these men viable options if the Lions do let Stafford leave? Well, that’s up to the Lions. In my opinion? Absolutely not.

Stafford was the only quarterback to play for the Lions in 2016. So, the question of Stafford being a necessity to the Lions can only be answered when he’s gone and they’ve started someone new.

Detroit will need to chose soon which path they want to take; re-sign Stafford, sign a free agent, or let Stafford go when his contract expires and find a new QB next offseason.

As fans, all we can do is sit back and watch this saga unfold.

Miles Macdonald

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