Madden Ratings: Where Did EA Go Wrong With The Chargers

Bosa and Derwin
Joey Bosa and Derwin James line up for the snap in Chargers training camp.

Madden Ratings: Where Did EA Go Wrong With the Chargers

Electronic Arts (EA) just dropped the Madden 22 ratings for each full team. As always, there are adjustments that need to be made. While ratings are subjective, Madden Rating Adjustors don’t seem to use statistics at all to determine ratings. One of the tools that they have at their disposal is Next Gen Stats, yet those do not seem to be used to their full potential. The hope is that Next Gen Stats will eventually be utilized for ratings like Change of Direction, Speed, Acceleration, Route Running, Coverage. It just seems like an underutilized tool at this time, but it should help increase the accuracy of each individual player’s ratings in the future. Here’s a more in-depth look at where they went wrong with the Los Angeles Chargers Roster.

Edge Rusher Joey Bosa – 92 Overall Madden Rating

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Joey Bosa‘s important Madden ratings affecting his overall that should be adjusted are Strength (87), Power Move is (89), Bull Rush (80), and Block Shed (80)

Bosa ranks as the 8th best edge rusher this year, which is far too low. . According to PFF, Bosa had the highest Pass Rush Productivity grade last season with a 10.6 (Min 100 Pass Rush att). He was PFF’s 2nd highest graded pass rusher and had 61 total pressures which tied ranked for 5th. That’s also in at least three games less than those who ranked above him. Bosa also had the second-highest Run Stop% which shows how complete of a player he is.

To be ranked this low is completely unacceptable, because statistically speaking, Bosa is the best pass rusher in the NFL. He is also the best player on the Chargers, yet he is ranked behind Keenan Allen. He excels at getting off blocks, as seen in his ability to stop the run and apply pressure on the quarterback. He is also much stronger than he gets credit for. Bosa has a greater ability to Bull Rush and collapses the pocket while keeping contain against mobile quarterbacks.


Strength: 89 | Power Move: 94 | Bull Rush: 87 | Block Shed: 96

Center Corey Linsley – 88 Overall Madden Rating

Corey Linsley‘s important Madden ratings affecting his overall that should be adjusted are Run Block (86), Run Block Footwork (88), Pass Block (88), Pass Block Footwork (89), Lead Block (87).

Linsley graded out as the NFL’s best center last season, yet he grades as the 4th best center in Madden. Madden’s best center, Rodney Hudson, grades out as a 92 which is a significant gap between the two players. Linsley won 1st-Team All-Pro last year while blocking for Aaron Rodgers, who just won the 2020 Most Valuable Player award. He was also vital in Aaron Jones‘s 1,104-yard season that got him to his first pro bowl.

Linsley allowed a league-low four total pressures last season. That should increase his rating for pass block and pass block footwork. He was PFF’s highest-graded run blocker in a zone scheme at his position as well.  That directly correlates to footwork. Lastly, the Packers were great in the screen game where Aaron Jones and Davante Adams excelled. That should boost Linsley’s Lead block as well.


Run Block: 90 | Run Block Footwork: 92 | Pass Block: 95 | Pass Block Footwork: 96 | Lead Block: 92

Quarterback Justin Herbert – 80 Overall Madden Rating

Justin Herbert‘s important Madden ratings affecting his overall that should be adjusted are Strength (71), Toughness (88), Throwing Power (93), Throw Under Pressure (86), Throw on Run (86).

Herbert just enjoyed the best rookie season in the history of the NFL. He broke nearly every rookie record and did not start the first game of the season. What’s even more incredible is that Herbert did that behind the NFL’s worst offensive line. While Herbert may not be a top-tier quarterback just yet, his 80 overall seems incredibly too low. He ranks in the middle of NFL starters as the 15th rated quarterback in Madden. For reference, Derek Carr, Kyler Murray, and Baker Mayfield rank ahead of Herbert, but none of them have ever had a season statistically that Herbert just had in his rookie year.

Herbert’s strength and toughness were on full display all season. There were multiple times he took hard hits and bounced back up right away. He was also extremely effective on quarterback keepers. Herbert was under pressure all year, yet he was able to throw under pressure extremely well. In fact, he was the best quarterback under pressure last year, often completing throws while getting hit. Just this training camp, Herbert completed a pass that sailed 70 yards through the air! According to PFF’s QB Annual Report, Herberts On Target % ranked 20th in the NFL. As great as Herbert was, much of his success was actually decision-making rather than accuracy. It also helps to have one of the greatest route runners at getting separation.

Strength: 77 | Toughness: 95 | Throwing Power: 97 | Throw Under Pressure: 94  | Throw on the Run: 89

Cornerback Michael Davis – 74 Overall Madden Rating

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Michael Davis‘s important Madden ratings affecting his overall that should be adjusted are Speed (92), Awareness (77), Play Recognition (86), Man Coverage (74), Zone Coverage (77), Press (77)

One of the most slept on corners in the NFL is Davis. Davis actually was tied for 7th in the NFL on pass breakups with 11. He also had three interceptions which were career-highs for him. When targeted in Gus Bradley’s bland Cover-3 defense, NFL Quarterbacks had a 77.7 passer rating, which would make Davis a top-20 cornerback in the NFL. Similiar players who ranked near Davis are Jason Verrett, Janoris Jenkins, and Xavier Rhodes.

Davis was actually a track star and he has excellent top-end speed, which can be seen when he was found step-for-step with Tyreek Hill in their week-2 matchup. Davis has also excelled primarily in man coverage. He matches up well in the press, which better suits his skill set. There is a good possibility that Davis is the Chargers Cornerback one who follows the opposing team’s best wide receiver and he should perform very well in that role based on his trajectory.


Speed: 95 | Awareness (85) | Play Recognition (90) | Man Coverage (88) | Zone Coverage (84) | Press (85)

Offensive Guard Oday Aboushi – 63 Overall Madden Rating

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Oday Aboushi‘s important madden ratings affecting his overall that should be adjusted are Strength (81), Awareness (77), Run Block (67) Run Block Power (64), Run Block Footwork (69), Pass Block (68), Pass Block Power (69), And Pass Block Footwork (67).

Aboushi’s overall is a classic example of the rating adjusters at Madden not doing their due diligence. Aboushi has been in the NFL now eight seasons and he has received quality playing time each year. According to PFF, his pass block grade has been at least 65.0 in five of seven seasons and he has two seasons with a grade over 77.0. As a starter with the Lions last year, Aboushi allowed seven total pressures while blocking for Mathew Stafford.

Throughout his career, Aboushi has not been the most powerful run blocker, but he did play better last season than in years before. PFF graded Aboushi with a 65.0 run block grade. Adrian Peterson struggled to find running lanes going between the A and B gaps on the right side where Aboushi played but D’Andre Swift found success. Peterson averaged 3.40 yards when rushing to a gap responsibility held by Aboushi, while Swift averaged 5.27 yards in the same gaps. Aboushi also graded better when run blocking in a gap scheme (77.4) than he did in a zone scheme (55.6), which should impact his run block power.


Strength: 86 | Awareness: 82 | Run Block: 74 | Run Block Power: 77 | Run Block Footwork: 72 | Pass Block: 79 | Pass Block Power: 76 | Pass Block Footwork: 77

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Bosa and Derwin

Joey Bosa and Derwin James line up for the snap in Chargers training camp. – Via Chargers social media.