Los Angeles Rams Winners And Losers From Week One Preseason

Rams And Chargers Week 1 Preseason Game At SoFi Stadium. Photo Credit: Ryan Dyrud | LAFB Network | Russell Wilson Article
Rams And Chargers Week 1 Preseason Game At SoFi Stadium. Photo Credit: Ryan Dyrud | LAFB Network

The Los Angeles Rams have finally played a football game. The waiting is over and now Rams fans have about 20 games to binge on over the next six months. Of course, the Rams want a Super Bowl title this year. However, in order to get there, the roster needs to be crystallized. With no starters playing in the preseason, it gives the depth more time on the field. This leads to plenty of winners and losers. Here’s a look at the winners and losers from the first preseason game of the year.

Los Angeles Rams Winners And Losers From Week One


Rams Fans

It is cliche at this point, but it is still true that the real winners are the fans who were able to go to the game in person. The first preseason game of the year is the first game in the new stadium with fans. Hopefully, it is the first of nearly two dozen games this year with a full crowd.

Bryce Perkins

Moving onto the actual game, Bryce Perkins balled out. He completed 70 percent of his passes and scored a touchdown. He also scrambled four times for 23 yards. While the Rams may be full with John Wolford and Matthew Stafford, Perkins is playing his way into a backup role elsewhere in the league.

Tutu Atwell

The top rookie pick for the Los Angeles Rams got his first in-game snaps and caught his first ball in the NFL. While Tutu Atwell didn’t explode in his debut, earning only two catches for 21 yards, getting his feet wet at full speed is a massive first step for the young wide receiver.

Raymond Calais

While Atwell’s accomplishments were symbolic, Raymond Calais accomplishments were pragmatic on special teams. His two punt returns earned a combined 52 yards and also had a kick return for 29 yards. The Rams’ special teams might surprise people in 2021 if Calais sneaks into the role and performs as well during the regular season.


Xavier Jones

The Rams were optimistic that they would not have to look elsewhere for a replacement for Darrell Henderson‘s old backup spot, but Jones was the front runner for the position and came out flat in the game. He had seven carries for 21 yards. If Xavier Jones maintains that 3.0 yards per carry average, the Rams will be averaging a three-and-out with him at tailback. He needs to be better next week. It is worse that he struggled against backup-level players.

Jake Funk

Jake Funk had five carries for 12 yards. This means he averaged only 2.4 yards per carry. In other words, if Jones disappointed, Funk failed. Unless he puts together a superb performance next week, he could find himself as a surprise bubble player.

Austin MacGinnis

Austin MacGinnis was the competition brought in for Matt Gay. However, after missing his only field goal attempt, it may be safe to say that MacGinnis’ first impression was not memorable. Put simply, Matt Gay‘s job looks to be safe for 2021. (MacGinnis was released shortly after this writing.)