5 Most Likely Los Angeles Rams Trade Scenarios In 2024 NFL Draft

The Los Angeles Rams are looking to pull off a blockbuster trade in the NFL Draft.

Rumors are hot and heavy surrounding the Los Angeles Rams leading into Round 1 of the 2024 NFL Draft. Would we expect anything less with general manager Les Snead continuing to call the shots?

Draft day in Southern California started out with multiple reports indicating that the Rams are attempting to trade up from the 19th selection all the way into the top-10. While another report notes that Los Angeles could move out of the first round altogether, the idea of trading into the top 10 is picking up steam.

We understand full well if your heads are spinning at this point in the pre-draft process. So many reports. So many reports countering one another.

What we do know is that the Rams are highly unlikely to stand pat at 19. That has not been Snead’s MO as Los Angeles’ general manager.

A trade into the top 10 could make sense depending on how the board plays out early in the first round on Thursday.

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Los Angeles Rams Trade Scenarios In 2024 NFL Draft

Los Angeles Rams general manager Les Snead
Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We are here to help you understand what spot the Rams might move up to and a potential cost in what would be a major blockbuster for the organization. Here’s a look at five options.

  • Chicago Bears (No. 9): A report earlier on Thursday indicated that the Bears are open for business and willing to trade the second of their two first-round picks. It makes perfect sense given that Chicago only has three selections after the opening round. Looking at various NFL trade value charts, the cost would include the Rams’ second-round selection (52nd overall) and two sixth-round picks.
  • Atlanta Falcons (No. 8): It sure looks like the Falcons are looking to move down. That’s primarily due to the likely penalty coming from allegedly tampering with former Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins in NFL free agency. This could potentially be the Rams’ way of avoiding giving up any picks in the 2024 NFL Draft. Rather, they’d have to yield their first-round selection next year. Would Snead be willing to do that?
  • New York Giants (No. 6): Smoke and fire. We’re not 100% sure what the Giants’ plans are heading into the draft. Rumors link them to a trade up for a quarterback. Other reports indicate that New York is looking to trade down. What we do know is that GM Joe Schoen is unlikely to stand pat. A deal of this ilk would come in at a cost of the Rams’ 19th selection Thursday night and a first-round pick in 2025.
  • Los Angeles Chargers (No. 5): Wouldn’t this be an absolute blast? Two Southern California rivals doing battle to complete a blockbuster. It’s not likely, especially with what a trade of this ilk would cost the Rams. But if they are truly targeting someone, it could be worth the haul. Moving up to the fifth pick would cost them the second-rounder in 2024 and a first-round pick in 2025. You wouldn’t do this for any position other than quarterback, right?
  • Minnesota Vikings (No. 11): We know that the report indicated Los Angeles is looking to move into the top 10. But if one of their target players were available at 11, what’s the difference? This is where the Minnesota Vikings come into play. If they are unable to move up for a quarterback, trading down would make sense. The cost? No. 19 overall, a third-round pick and a sixth-round pick.