Los Angeles Rams Must Expand Backup QB Options, Speculation Mounts Around Trading For Former 1st Rounder

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The Los Angeles Rams don’t have a backup quarterback behind Matthew Stafford. As free agency progressed, options have dwindled and now they find themselves in a similar position as last year; draft an unknown quantity or settle for a perennial backup.

As last season showed, the Rams can’t rely on those options in the event that Matthew Stafford misses time due to injury. It seemed the Rams had learned that lesson in Green Bay. There is another option. They can trade for a quarterback. Some suggested Zack Wilson as a trade candidate, but with his former New York Jets offensive coordinator, Mike LaFluer, (who benched Wilson in favor of Mike White) now in that role for the Rams that option seems unlikely.

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But another former first-round is being shopped openly by the Chicago Bears. Justin Fields has been on the trade market essentially since the Chicago Bears were ensured the top pick in the upcoming draft. They will likely select quarterback Caleb Williams from USC, making Fields superfluous.

Over the past two seasons, the Rams have turned into one of the best quarterback ecosystems and re-hab clinics for former first-round quarterbacks; Baker Mayfield in 2022 and Carson Wentz in 2023. If he doesn’t improve he is a free agent next year and if he flourishes, he could potentially take over the franchise when Stafford retires.

Why Justin Fields is a Good Fit for the Los Angeles Rams

Unless the Rams do settle for another underwhelming free agent, they will have to draft a backup. Fields is likely going to be traded for a 4th round pick, like Trey Lance was just a few months ago. The Rams would likely use that pick or a third-rounder to draft a backup. Why not try Fields out? He has live NFL game experience and has plenty of upside.

Also, Fields is in the final year of his rookie contract, making his cap hit $6 million, which is far higher than the discounted price that Carson Wentz gave the team, but it is still in line with other backups this year. He resides between the cap hits of Jarrett Stidham and Trey Lance.

It would give the chance for Fields to study under one of the great quarterbacks in the NFL, Matthew Stafford, with one of the great play callers, Sean McVay, and quarterbacks coach Dave Ragone, who was the Bears’ quarterbacks coach and passing game coordinator, then Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator.

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