Do The Los Angeles Rams Need To Find Their Jordan Love In The 2024 NFL Draft?

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The Los Angeles Rams have taken things one week at a time for the last six months, but now it’s time for the team to look at the big picture. When the trade for Matthew Stafford was made, some mentioned the quarterback’s age as a factor that would come into play at some point, but quickly shrugged it off. It turns out that the trade was worth it in the short term and looking back, any price paid to win a Super Bowl seems like a bargain.

That said, it doesn’t change the fact that the team now has a quarterback on the plus side of 35 with injuries that have impacted the last two seasons. At what point does the team take a future-first approach at quarterback? Could 2024 be the year or is there still another couple of seasons left before taking a quarterback becomes the priority?

Here’s a look at all things quarterback for the Rams in 2024.

Why The Los Angeles Rams Won’t Take A Quarterback In 2024

The Rams are a win-now franchise and after reaching the playoffs, Rams General Manager Les Snead could feel a sense of urgency to make a couple of quick adjustments to get back into the fray. With Kyren Williams and Puka Nacua already in top form, perhaps the rebuilding phase is already over.

Put simply, a reason that the Rams haven’t burned their first-round pick on a trade yet is that they didn’t feel like a buyer team in Week 8 and are currently shopping for a place to make a deal. Les Snead has a pattern of burning first-round picks quickly and only the timing of things kept his finger off the trigger.

Why The Rams Will Take A Quarterback In 2024

Rams General Manager Les Snead still has his first-round pick and is on pace to use it for the first time since 2016. The last time the team conventionally used their first-round pick in the NFL Draft, they landed Jared Goff.

Now, even though Sean McVay has gotten his choice of a quarterback with Matthew Stafford, he hasn’t been part of a Rams team with a top-rated rookie. In other words, he hasn’t had the opportunity to build and groom a player from the ground up in the NFL. This could be his best shot.

The biggest reason for that is the level of density in the 2024 NFL Draft. Many analysts believe this could be the deepest draft class since 2021 when five quarterbacks were taken in the first round. As such, despite the team’s presence at the midway point in the drafting order at 19th, they could snag a first-round quarterback that falls to them.

Such a move would mean that the team would be getting a first-round quarterback who needs some grooming and mentoring, which would be perfect considering Matthew Stafford’s age. Assuming he doesn’t turn into a Tom Brady-like ironman overnight, Stafford could play up to the age of 40, which would allow for a Jordan Love-like period of sitting back and soaking in the NFL at a luxurious pace.

Who Could The Rams Pick?

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December 31, 2022; Glendale, Ariz; USA; Michigan quarterback JJ McCarthy (9) throws a pass during the pregame before the Fiesta Bowl at State Farm Stadium. Ncaa Fiesta Bowl Game

Unless the Rams manage to convince more than half the league that Caleb Williams, Drake Maye, and Jayden Daniels are worth skipping, they’re not going to be able to snag any of the conventional top three quarterbacks in the 2024 NFL Draft. However, that doesn’t mean they’re out of options.

Michael Penix Jr., the other National Championship quarterback, also could be available near the end of the first round. Losing the National Championship can potentially dent one’s draft stock, but as it was only one game, getting Penix might be a steal.

Penix is coming off a career-high in touchdown passes, yards per attempt, and completion percentage. Penix also now has playoff experience, which serves as a bonus for a win-now franchise like the Los Angeles Rams.

National Championship winner J.J. McCarthy is expected to potentially be available in the middle of the first round or perhaps even into the second round, which would be within range for the Rams to trade up or otherwise get lucky.

McCarthy got better in college every single year in completion percentage and yards per attempt. If he can learn at that pace in the NFL, it could be a satisfying climb for the Rams to experience.

What do you think? Should the Rams draft a QB in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft?