NFL Draft Expert Names Los Angeles Rams Favorite Landing Spot For 1st Round QB

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Trevor Sikkema, PFF’s lead draft analyst, joined the Rams Skinny podcast to talk all things Los Angeles Rams Draft. When asked about possibly finding Matthew Stafford’s successor in the upcoming NFL Draft, Sikkema named Bo Nix

“This is my favorite Bo Nix landing spot, and I like Bo Nix a lot. I mean, going into this season, when we went through our summer scouting exercises, Nix was QB3 for me, and he was close to Drake May. Now, obviously, Jaden Daniels having the year that he had and McCarthy really improving the way that he has has bumped those guys up, but… I don’t think any less of Nix.”

Trevor Sikkema on The Ram’s Skinny Podcast

Where Could the Los Angeles Rams Draft Bo Nix?

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“I don’t think that it happens at 19,” Sikkema said, “but if you’re in a situation where you got a lot of ammo behind you if you’re sitting there at 52 you have the chance to trade up and maybe go get him. I think that that to me would make sense for them because the Jimmy G[arappolo] signing doesn’t really move the needle for me. I would absolutely take Bo Nix over Stetson Bennett in a heartbeat when it comes to being the backup of this team and being the developmental quarterback.”

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Nix’s Upside According To PFF Draft Expert

“I genuinely believe that Nix could be a good NFL starter one day, and you’ll see what happens from there…” “…I could see this guy as a full-time starter. And then you see how they evolve there once they get into that role in the NFL. I’d love for him to sit behind Matthew Stafford. I would love for him to get to work with Sean McVay in that offense. Again, We don’t know how much longer Matthew Stafford’s going to do this, and so getting Nix in this year, I would love it.”

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