Los Angeles Rams Draft Strategy: Targeting Quarterbacks For All 3 Days Of The Draft

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The Los Angeles Rams draft could be a sneaky landing spot for a rookie quarterback. The team obviously has more pressing needs, but taking a rookie QB could be an interesting move to set the team up for life after Matthew Stafford. Stafford had an underrated season this past year and realistically could play out the rest of his contract at a high level and retire in 2027. That being said, let’s look at some QBs that the Rams could target on each day of the draft.

Round By Round: A QB In The Rams Draft

Day 1- Michael Penix Jr.

Out of all the projected first-round QBs, choosing Michael Penix Jr. could be a smart move for the Los Angeles Rams as they think about life after Stafford. Penix isn’t just a player with an impressive arm and a knack for making big plays; he’s also shown real grit and leadership on the field, qualities that don’t go unnoticed. His journey to becoming a Heisman runner-up speaks volumes about his talent and determination. Sure, his injury history might raise some eyebrows, but Penix’s potential to thrive in Sean McVay‘s dynamic offense is too good of a hypothetical.

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Day 2 – Bo Nix and Jordan Travis

Bo Nix of Oregon has shown significant improvement in his decision-making and accuracy. Nix’s mobility is a key asset, allowing him to extend plays and keep defenses guessing. His experience and leadership qualities make him an intriguing option for the Rams, who might be looking for a quarterback capable of stepping in and contributing if needed. Nix’s ability to adapt and grow in a college program that mirrors a pro-style offense could make his transition to the NFL smoother, potentially offering the Rams a viable developmental quarterback with starting potential.

Jordan Travis from Florida State is another Day 2 prospect with considerable upside. Travis has demonstrated impressive playmaking ability, both with his arm and his legs. His athleticism and improvisational skills make him a threat outside the pocket, adding a dynamic dimension to an offense. Travis has worked hard to improve his passing accuracy and reading defenses, which are critical skills for success at the next level. For the Los Angeles Rams, Travis could be an exciting project with the potential to develop into a dual-threat quarterback, offering a different style of play to complement or eventually succeed Stafford.

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Day 3 – Spencer Rattler and Kedon Slovis

Spencer Rattler remains a compelling option for the Rams, with his high ceiling and raw talent. Rattler’s ability to make every throw on the field, coupled with his athleticism, presents a project with significant upside. Once heralded as a top 5 pick, Rattler’s potential is evident, making him an intriguing Day 3 pick for a team willing to invest in his development.

Kedon Slovis, on the other hand, entered the college football scene with a bang at USC, showcasing his accuracy, poise, and command of the offense as a freshman. His subsequent seasons, however, were marred by injuries and fluctuations in performance, leading to a transfer to Pitt for his final college campaign. Despite these challenges, Slovis has demonstrated the kind of arm talent, football IQ, and leadership qualities that could make him a valuable addition to an NFL roster.

For the Rams Draft, selecting Slovis could represent a bet on his high potential and early college production, banking on their coaching staff to unlock his full capabilities. Slovis’s main strengths lie in his accuracy and athleticism, particularly on short to intermediate routes, and his ability to use his legs. If he can return to his freshman-year form and build on it, Slovis could offer the Rams a quarterback capable of stepping into a backup role with the potential to develop into a starter.

Los Angeles Rams Backup Situation

The Los Angeles Rams are positioning themselves to address the quarterback position with a thoughtful, long-term approach. Each prospect provides a unique set of skills and potential fits within the Rams’ offensive system, allowing the team to navigate the draft with flexibility and foresight. The team has more pressing needs all over the roster, but selecting a QB in this deep draft would provide a bit more insurance behind QB1 so we don’t have a similar Brett Rypien situation in the future. This strategic approach to the draft could ensure that the Rams remain competitive in the present while also securing their quarterback position for the future.

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