Los Angeles Rams WR Cooper Kupp Discusses His Professional Pet Peeve

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Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp went on the Games with Names podcast this week. He and host, Julian Edelman got into a discussion about adding additional games to the NFL schedule, which Kupp spun off into a tangent about player conditioning; a subject he is very passionate about.

Kupp takes the somewhat controversial stance that for the league to expand to more games, which is inevitable, the responsibility falls on the shoulders of players to be in good physical condition, ready for training camp to ensure that the best possible product is put on to the field and that players are prepared for the long haul.

Los Angeles Rams WR Cooper Kupp Discusses His Professional Pet Peeve

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“There’s a responsibility on players to do something in the offseason to prepare yourself to get ready to go,” Kupp starts his diatribe.

“I just wish that more guys showed up ready to go. I understand this in terms of the the issues between the league and the players and the product needs to be good and there’s obviously the union is always going to argue for less work. The league is going to argue for more games. There’s a middle ground here where we got to come together and figure out what’s the way we put our best product forward.”

“There is a responsibility on players to show up ready to work. That’s where I think some of this stuff could happen. Where guys in the summer take off. If you don’t want to be ready for OTAs, I’m fine with that but the guys that leave all summer, don’t do anything all summer, and then show up for training camp that summer. You get five weeks from OTAs to training camp, take your break and then get ready to work because it’s in your best interest as a player to show up ready to go. To protect yourself, protect your teammates be ready to put your best foot forward.”

“If you don’t show up to training camp ready to go, I have a hard time when guys get hurt or guys do stuff or guys aren’t ready or guys are you know getting talked to by coaches about potentially getting released it’s like I saw you were in the Caribbean for 3 weeks.”

Edelman made a fine point to wrap the discussion up, “It’s professional football. Okay. This is professional football, guys.

Cooper Kupp’s emphasis on conditioning has rubbed off on at least one Los Angeles Rams player. Puka Nacua said conditioning was his top priority for the 2024 offseason.

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