PFF Draft Analyst Says Los Angeles Rams Are In ‘Advantageous Position’ Given Team Needs

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Pro Football Focus’ NFL Draft Analyst Trevor Sikkema joined the LAFB Network at Super Bowl LVIII Radio Row to weigh in on what the Los Angeles Rams should do with their first Day 1 pick of the Sean McVay Era.

Trevor Sikkema Says Los Angeles Rams Team Needs and Draft Depth Correspond

He started by acknowledging the incredible success of the 2023 season in large part due to that year’s draft and the Ram’s long track record of turning mid and late-round picks into quality starters. Five of the 11 picks from last season’s draft were at the top of the depth chart at their positions.

Sikkema went on to say, “The organization is top-class, they win a Super Bowl for a reason..” “..They are in a situation where they can take the best player available at those premium positions. Offensive tackle, edge rusher, lockdown corner. You’re still looking at those three positions. Whatever guy makes it to us at those positions where we select, who is highest on our board, they can take any of those players.”

“They are in a very advantageous position because, in any of the mock draft simulations, there is always somebody of a very high caliber at those positions that are left for them. It’s a good year for them to have their first-round pick and to be needing one of those positions because they are really deep groups.”

That kind of flexibility means the Rams are all but guaranteed to land yet another rookie starter and meet a need at the same time. What makes the Rams a unique organization, among other things, is that the specifics of where they draft are far less important than who they draft. The draft process won’t change, but the pool of players they will still have access to will just be more polished and complete. That is why Les Snead is still open to trading this pick.

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY SportsCredit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports