Can The Los Angeles Chargers Steal The Rams Remodel Strategy For 2024?

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The Current State of the Los Angeles Chargers

The Los Angeles Chargers, having recently dismissed head coach Brandon Staley and general manager Tom Telesco, face a pivotal offseason. After investing heavily in veterans for immediate success, the strategy backfired, leaving the team with significant holes and financial constraints​​.

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Lessons from the Rams’ Strategy

  1. Bold Trades for Impact Players: The Rams have consistently traded premium draft picks for proven talent. Key acquisitions like Matthew Stafford, Von Miller, and Jalen Ramsey transformed their roster, demonstrating a preference for established stars over unproven draft prospects​​. This however doesn’t work for everyone, but if you can hit on the right pieces, they pay big dividends.
  2. Cultural and Strategic Fit: The success of these trades wasn’t just in the talent acquired but in how these players fit into the Rams’ culture and strategy under Sean McVay. This approach requires a coaching staff adept at integrating star players with distinct personalities into a cohesive unit​​. It’s more about tailoring players to the system rather than the system to players.
  3. Finding Value in Later Draft Rounds: The Rams excel at finding complementary pieces in the middle to late rounds of the draft. Players like Cooper Kupp, Puka Nacua, Kyren Williams, and Kobie Turner have excelled right out of the draft. As well as players like Greg Gaines, Sebastian Joseph-Day, and Quentin Lake have been coached up to become starters. All of these are testaments to their scouting and development prowess. This approach compensates for the loss of early-round picks​​.
  4. Willingness to Let Players Walk: The Rams’ strategy also involves making tough decisions on letting go of solid but non-pillar players, thus gaining compensatory draft picks and maintaining financial flexibility. This one is crucial for the Chargers as they’ve got​​ many stars on big contracts that they’ll need to think about cutting or trading. If you look at what the Rams did with Bobby Wagner, Leonard Floyd, Brandin Cooks, and Jalen Ramsey, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Chargers follow in their footsteps.
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Recommendations for the Los Angeles Chargers

  1. Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator: Hiring a defensive-minded head coach like Brian Flores, coupled with an offensive coordinator like Ken Dorsey, could balance the team’s needs, especially given the presence of a franchise quarterback​​. Regardless of who the Chargers hire, ownership must allow the head coach to operate independently.
  2. Cap Space Management: Releasing high-cost players like Khalil Mack, Mike Williams, and Eric Kendricks would free up significant cap space necessary for restructuring the roster and bringing in key talents​​.
  3. Strategic Player Trades: Trading players like Joey Bosa, while painful, could yield valuable draft capital and cap relief, mirroring the Rams’ approach of reallocating resources for maximum impact​​.
  4. Targeting Key Free Agents: Signing players like Marquise Brown, who offers speed and playmaking ability, as well as being cheaper than other options can add a new dimension to the Chargers’ offense without breaking the bank​​. This is a strategy the Rams have used when targeting outside free agents like Demarcus Robinson and Akhello Witherspoon. Veterans that come at a lower cost that fit the scheme of what they’re trying to do.
  5. Smart Drafting: Focusing on versatile and impactful players in the draft, like tight end Brock Bowers, and addressing key positions like cornerback and running back in the later rounds, should be a priority. This approach balances immediate needs with long-term development​​. Ultimately, hitting and developing late-rounders into starters and contributors is the Rams secret to their recent rebuild.

For the Los Angeles Chargers to emulate the Rams’ success, it will require a combination of bold moves in player acquisition, astute financial management, and a commitment to player development. By learning from the Rams’ blueprint, the Chargers can rebuild a competitive team capable of contending in the AFC. This process will involve tough decisions but, if executed correctly, could lead to a quick and effective turnaround for the franchise.

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