Los Angeles Chargers’ Stars Drawing Heavy Trade Interest, But Teams Are Waiting On One Key Aspect

Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Even though Brandon Staley wasn’t able to get better production from his team, many around the NFL would agree that the Los Angeles Chargers have a very talented roster. Perhaps that’s partially why Staley no longer works here.

However, now that Jim Harbaugh is in town, the reigning CFP National Champion is being tasked with improving a roster that drastically underperformed to the tune of a 5-12 record. And the Chargers have plenty of tough decisions to make due to being roughly $20 million OVER the current spending limit.

It doesn’t help that Khalil Mack, Joey Bosa, Keenan Allen, and Mike Williams all have individual cap hits topping $32 million in 2024. Those four add up to $142.3 million, or 55.7% of the team’s cap space, which is supposed to be spread out among 53 players.

In a perfect world, the Chargers would keep all their best players and wouldn’t even think of risking upsetting them by asking for a pay cut or contract restructure. But rules are rules, and the Chargers, like the other 31 NFL teams, have to get under the 2024 salary cap before the new league year begins on March 13.

In turn, this means any of the four names above could be traded or even cut from the roster in the next few days. And there’s plenty of trade interest in both Mack and Bosa.

Teams Want Joey Bosa And Khalil Mack, But Los Angeles Chargers Are Playing Hardball

joey bosa
Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

According to The Athletic’s Dianna Russini, the Chargers are open to taking trade calls on several of their veteran players. That includes Bosa and Mack. However, she gets the sense that, despite the widespread interest, teams are also aware of the Chargers being in salary cap hell.

This has led to a game of poker, where other teams are reportedly willing to wait to see if they can force the Chargers’ hand into releasing one of their talented stars instead of being pushed to cough up valuable trade assets.

With just days to go before the new league year begins, something has to give soon. Whether that comes in the form of contract restructures, massive pay cuts, or blockbuster trades remains to be seen, but it’s clear other teams are hoping the Chargers simply cut bait on some of their best players.

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