Los Angeles Chargers Teammate Shares Perspective on Quentin Johnston’s 2nd Year Development

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Quite possibly the biggest question the Los Angeles Chargers have heading into the upcoming season is at wide receiver. Buried inside that question is if Quentin Johnston is a better football player than the worst moments of his rookie season.

After Tuesday’s organized team activities, Chargers wide receiver Josh Palmer was asked what difference he has seen from Johnston’s first offseason to this year’s.

“I’d say he’s a lot more mature, in terms, of knowing how to do things that he might not have known how to do before and he’s just a lot more critical on himself.”

Palmer isn’t known to be a man of many words and the player’s code is certainly invoked here, but despite the brevity and nonspecificity of his answer, it speaks volumes; Maturity and self-reflection.

Los Angeles Chargers WR, Quentin Johnston’s Offseason Development

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Johnston also met with the media Tuesday and he went into more detail about the differences from his first offseason to his second.

“It’s been smooth. Just going into the offseason, everything about this year [is going] more smoothly than I think I was last year. Obviously, having having a year under my belt you, I got a lot more experience going into this year. I know what to expect.”

“After taking some time off, [I went] back from the last season and I just sort of self-evaluate myself every now and then. Going back, watching old film, old practices, and then taking what the new coaches this year are teaching us and combining the two and just keep moving forward from there.”

Kind of my whole thing, just going in and being very critical of myself, fixing that at practice, off the field.

Johnston was asked if he was more confident heading into this offseason;

“Oh yeah. 100%. That just comes from, like I said before, just having that full year under my belt, going into this year knowing what to expect, knowing how to move, developing a better routine for myself on and off the field.”

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