Los Angeles Chargers Doing Background Work on Potential Jim Harbaugh Hiring

Jim Harbaugh

We don’t know who will coach the Los Angeles Chargers in 2024, but we know it won’t be Brandon Staley. Chances are, interim coach Giff Smith won’t earn the full-time position either. With Justin Herbert entrenched as the franchise QB, there will be plenty of interest in the Chargers’ coaching vacancy, possibly even from Jim Harbaugh.

Sure, Harbaugh has already had a chance to address any potential interest in re-joining the team he once quarterbacked, but we didn’t get much of a response from the current Michigan Wolverines coach.

However, Coach Harbaugh is likely focused on one major upcoming event, and that’s helping his Wolverines get past the Alabama Crimson Tide in the Rose Bowl on Monday evening. In other words, he’s likely not even thinking about his next step until the College Football Playoff wraps up. For Harbaugh, his season could either end on Monday, Jan. 1, or Monday, Jan. 8, if Michigan advances to the CFP National Championship.

Yet, the Chargers are already putting in work on their next class of potential head coach candidates, and Harbaugh is apparently included in that mix.

According to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, the Chargers have “at least put out feelers and done some preliminary work” on Coach Harbaugh.

Harbaugh has flirted with the NFL on several occasions since arriving at Michigan, having interviewed in Minnesota last offseason. Yet, as Fowler notes, “there’s a feeling he makes the jump” back to the NFL this offseason.

While the Chargers may very well be interested, they’re not the only team with a head coaching vacancy. We already know Carolina and Las Vegas will be looking too. Plus, there’s always the possibility of Chicago wanting to hit the reset button again, if so, Harbaugh could have more interest in helping the Bears become relevant again.

No matter what, Harbaugh’s intention is to see out the college football season before legitimately considering NFL head coaching opportunities.

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