Los Angeles Chargers: Can A Joey Bosa Revival Be Expected in 2024?

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Back in Los Angeles Chargers edge rusher Joey Bosa’s original combine analysis done by NFL.com, he was given a grade of 7.00, indicating a “Pro Bowl Talent.” Lance Zierlein said in his analysis, “Bosa might not have the pure edge speed to be an elite pass rusher, but his hand usage and ability to generate push as a bull-rusher should make him a very good 4-3 base end or a 3-­4 outside linebacker.”

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Bosa’s power, aggression, and passion are evident. He doesn’t have an off switch and if he gets through, and most of the time he will, any quarterback better beware.

Los Angeles Chargers Took Trade Calls on the Defensive End

Joey Bosa
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This offseason there were rumors that Bosa may be joining the 49ers to play alongside his brother Nick, and he was one of numerous Chargers involved in trade discussions. Ultimately, he restructured his contract to remain with the team. According to Over The Cap, though he took a pay cut of  $7 million, he gained $15 million in guaranteed money, which created more cap space ($10.5 million). 

I’m a Bosa believer but I got my hopes up last season, and I ended up disappointed. Bosa has the talent in spades but his injury history makes me cautious. 

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What Happened to Joey Bosa in 2023? 

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2023 seemed promising for Joey Bosa. Coming off a groin injury that kept him sidelined for most of 2022, he was slowly making his way back. He said in his press conference on the first day of OTAs that it was weird to be feeling so in shape at that point in the year, when the year prior, he had been dealing with a lot of chronic pain. He talked about his relationship with Khalil Mack and was focused on the days ahead as opposed to how the 2022 season ended. 

By the second game of 2023, Bosa hit his stride. He sacked Ryan Tannehill when he came off the edge and cut up the middle during the first quarter in Week 2 against the Titans. Then during the third, on a third-and-7, he sacked Tannehill again, taking him back to the 34-yard line.

According to Daniel Popper of The Athletic, the Titans matchup marked the first game where former head coach Brandon Staley started to use three edge rushers at once with Bosa, Mack, and rookie Tuli Tuipulotu. Popper also remarked that Bosa, “only played 19 snaps in the game as he was nursing a hamstring injury.” 

By Week 3 against Minnesota, Bosa was trucking along and had a sack with the help of Tuipulotu on Kirk Cousins during the first quarter. And in the second, he hit Cousins’ elbow as he pulled back to throw, causing an incomplete pass. The hamstring injury was still plaguing Bosa throughout that game and he also broke his toe. He ended up missing Weeks 4 and 5 as he nursed both injuries and returned in Week 6.  

In Week 9, Bosa came out with a vengeance. He had a fumble recovery after he knocked the ball right out Zach Wilson‘s hands, setting the Chargers up at the 50-yard line. Defensive lineman Morgan Fox and Bosa tag-teamed Wilson during the first drive of the third, causing Wilson to go down a second time in that quarter, right after he had just been sacked by Mack. And a few plays later, Bosa had another sack, making three on the day.

Starting Week 8, both of Bosa’s injuries were gone from the injury report, and after his performance against the Jets, it looked like even if something did crop up, Bosa was healthy enough to get through. But then he sprained his foot during Week 11 and that was it. Season over. It was the second season in a row where he had to miss a large chunk of time.

Can Joey Bosa Make 2024 His Season?

Los Angeles Chargers Edge Rusher Joey Bosa. Photo Credit: Mike Nowak | LA Chargers
Los Angeles Chargers Edge Rusher Joey Bosa. Photo Credit: Mike Nowak | LA Chargers

Draft Sharks currently gives Bosa a “very high risk” for injury tag and has him projected to miss 2.4 games this year.

Bosa is one of the best and I have no doubt about his playing abilities, I’m just not sure he can stay healthy. Though on the bright side, he has had more time to recover, as he didn’t have to rush back for a Wild Card game like in 2022. And being under a new coaching regime may help to provide that little extra motivation.

Considering I thought both Mack and Bosa would be out the door, I’m excited to see them in action this upcoming season. Despite my reservations, I’m committed to the idea that Bosa will return to form this year, racking up stats and games. Though he may miss a week or two, he’s not going to miss a season.

I’m choosing to believe this because he’s such a phenomenal player and because this may be the last season we see Bosa and Mack on the field together as Los Angeles Chargers. I have to believe this year we will FINALLY get what we’ve been waiting for since 2022 when Mack was acquired and have an entire season of epic moments with these two.

Because with head coach Jim Harbaugh and company, we barely know what we’ll be getting in the coming months never mind in 2025, so we need to savor this Bosa/Mack pairing while we can.