No WR? No Problem. Los Angeles Chargers See Joe Alt as an Offensive Weapon. ‘We’re Gonna Run The Ball Here’

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Half of the world thought the Los Angeles Chargers would take a wide receiver with the 5th overall pick in the 2024 NFL draft. The other half were right. The regime that tipped its hand about taking an offensive lineman at every turn did exactly what it promised by selecting Joe Alt, the offensive tackle from Notre Dame.

After the pick, Los Angeles Chargers general manager Joe Hortiz and head coach John Harbaugh held a press conference to explain exactly why they did what they had already told everyone they would do.

Los Angeles Chargers Brass Explain the Joe Alt Pick

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Joe Hortiz on Joe Alt:

“I feel like we got a a, a guy that’s gonna come in and really improve our team, and he’s big, he’s physical, he is tough, smart, durable, outstanding player in college who’s just scratching the surface and really excited to add him and look forward to, to getting him here tomorrow.”

“You know, we’re gonna run the ball here and he, he just, he drives off the line of scrimmage. You watch him move players over three gaps on his down blocks. He’s very athletic, has excellent range, is a high-level competitor, and is certainly an athlete as a pass protector. The ability for a guy his size to bend and you see it on film.”

Jim Harbaugh on Alt:

“I know the question’s gonna come up and you’re gonna say, ‘What about [an offensive} weapon? We look at as [offensive lineman] weapons. That group, when we talk about attacking on offense, offensive line is the tip of the spear.”

“It’s not just big, it’s not just power. There’s extreme athleticism and in the bend that he has in the ankles, the knees, the hips, and a tremendous competitor.

Joe Alt’s fit with Rashawn Slater

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Harbaugh nor Hortiz would pin down exactly who would play on which side, but Hortiz did point out that Alt started his offensive line career at right tackle. Slater also played right tackle at the collegiate level. Harbaugh kept Trey Pipkins in the mix saying,

“Trey is one of our five best right now. I’ve been extremely impressed with Trey and his kind of freaky athleticism and also building the strength and power to match that athleticism. I would predict a starting spot for Pipkins”

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