Los Angeles Chargers: Justin Herbert Names The 4 Toughest Defenders He’s Played Against

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Los Angeles Chargers quarterback, Justin Herbert went on the Chasin It podcast with Chase Daniel and Trey Wingo this week. During the interview, Herbert was asked which defenders give him more issues than anybody else that he’s faced in his career.

His answers: Maxx Crosby, Chris Jones, Patrick Surtain, and Stephon Gilmore.

Three of the four reside in the same division as Herbert and the Chargers. Crosby with the Las Vegas Raiders, Jones with the Kansas City Chiefs, and Surtain with the Denver Broncos. Herbert must face each one twice a season.

How have the Los Angeles Chargers and Justin Herbert Fared Against the Toughest Defenders?

Justin Herbert vs. Maxx Crosby

In the seven games that Herbert and the Chargers have played against Crosby and the Raiders, the Chargers have a one-game edge in the standings, 4-3. Herbert averaged 289 yards a game and threw a total of 15 touchdowns. He has taken a total of 15 sacks.

Crosby is responsible for 5 of those sacks and 14 quarterback hits. His sack rate against Herbert (78.6%) is 15 points higher than his career sack rate (62.6%). But Herbert also throws for more yards and scores more points on average when playing the Raiders.

Advantage: Crosby. Herbert plays well against the Raiders defense, but he should be eviscerating them. Crosby keeps his team competitive.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs
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Justin Herbert vs. Chris Jones

The Chiefs have beaten the Chargers in four of the five meetings when both players are on the field. But, Herbert balls out against the Chiefs. He averages 293 yards per game and has thrown 11 touchdowns in these five games.

Jones also steps it up a bit when playing against Herbert with 4 sacks and 9 hits against Herbert.

Advantage: Herbert. He plays his best against top competition. Herbert has been sacked 15 times in these games, but he still throws a lot of touchdowns.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Los Angeles Chargers
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Justin Herbert vs. Patrick Surtain

The Chargers are 2-3 when Herbert and Surtain are on the field. In this case, Herbert has struggled against Denver. In the five games, he has thrown 229 yards per game, six total touchdowns, and four interceptions.

Surtain’s counting stats aren’t terribly impressive, five passes defended in five games and one pick in their first meeting. But looking at his receptions vs targets. He dominates the matchup. He’s allowed a 37 percent completion percentage when targeted by Herbert. Herbert’s career completion percentage is 66 percent.

Advantage: Surtain

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Chargers
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Justin Herbert vs. Stephon Gilmore

Herbert has struggled against teams with Gilmore on their defense. They have faced each other three times. The Chargers are 1-2 in those games, one of which was Herbert’s lone career shutout. He has 61.7 completion percentage, 223 yards per game, four total TDs, and 3 ints against those teams.

Herbert has targeted Gilmore 15 times and he has allowed 7 receptions, no touchdowns, and picked Herbert off once.

Advantage: Gilmore

It seems Herbert has a good handle on who he has struggled against the most.