Los Angeles Chargers Game-By-Game Fantasy Football Prospects

Los Angeles Chargers
The Los Angeles Chargers During Training Camp.

Yes, I know some of us are in the thralls of Hard Knocks right now, and some are in the midst of doing tiers for their fantasy football drafts. And it is way too early to predict the fantasy fortunes of players, but I’m going to do it for the Los Angeles Chargers by the defenses they will face.

Two things: 1) most defenses will change from last year; and 2) during the season we will be giving you a more comprehensive fantasy outlook for the Chargers player before each game.

But right now, here are what the Chargers will be facing.

Defensive Opponents

Week 1: Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals will come into the season with a rookie quarterback under center and a healthy A.J. Green.

BENGALS 2019 RUSHING DEFENSE: allowed 504 rushing attempts, 2,382 yards, 4.7 yards per carry, 17 rushing touchdowns, 9 forced fumbles.

BENGALS 2019 PASSING DEFENSE: 499 passing attempts, 308 completions, 61.7 completion rate against, 11 interceptions.

CHARGERS FANTASY ADVANTAGE: Rushing offense going against the 2019 32nd ranked rushing defense; Bengals also had 20th ranked passing defense.

Week 2: Kansas City Chiefs

The defending champions are a powerhouse on the offensive side of the ball. It will be up to opposing teams to try to keep up.

CHIEFS 2019 RUSHING DEFENSE: allowed 416 rushing attempts, 2,051 yards, 4.9 yards per carry, 14 touchdowns, 13 forced fumbles.

CHIEFS 2019 PASSING DEFENSE: 582 attempts, 352 completions, 60.5 percent completion rate against, 16 interceptions.

CHARGERS ADVANTAGE:  Rushing offense against the Chiefs 25th ranked run defense; the passing defense ranked 13th.

Week 3: Carolina Panthers

The Panthers enter the season with a new head coach, new quarterback, and no Luke Kuechly.

PANTHERS 2019 RUSHING DEFENSE: allowed 445 rushing attempts, 2,296 yards, 5.2 yards per carry, 14 rushing touchdowns against.

PANTHERS 2019 PASSING DEENSE: 544 attempts, 347 completions, 63.8 percent completion, 14 interceptions.

CHARGERS ADVANTAGE: Rushing offense against the Panthers 29th ranked rushing defense; Panthers had the 13th ranked passing defense.

Week 4: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Without Tom Brady under center, it was a potent offense.

BUCCANEERS 2019 RUSHING DEFENSE: 362 rushing attempts allowed, 1,181 yards, 3.3 yards per carry, 11 rushing touchdowns, 21 forced fumbles.

BUCCANEERS 2019 PASSING DEFENSE: 664 attempts, 408 completions, 61.4 percent completion rate, 12 interceptions.

CHARGERS ADVANTAGE: Passing game. The Buccaneers had the 30th ranked passing defense; Buccaneers had the number one defense against the run.

Week 5: New Orleans Saints

Drew Brees, Michael Thomas, and now Emmanuel Sanders look to make another playoff run.

SAINTS 2019 RUSHING DEFENSE: allowed 345 rushing attempts, 1,461 yards, 4.2 yards per carry, 12 touchdowns, 11 forced fumbles.

SAINTS 2019 PASSING DEFENSE: 603 attempts, 371 completions, 61.5 percent completion rate, 13 interceptions.

CHARGERS ADVANTAGE: Passing offense against the Saints 19th ranked passing defense; Saints had the fourth-ranked rushing defense.

Week 6: New York Jets

I’m just going to say it, Adam Gase is still there.

JETS 2019 RUSHING DEFENSE: allowed 417 rushing attempts, 1,391 yards, 3.3 yards per carry, 12 rushing touchdowns, 10 forced fumbles.

JETS 2019 PASSING DEFENSE: 585 attempts, 363 completions, 62.1 percent completion rate, 12 interceptions.

CHARGERS ADVANTAGE: Passing game against the Jets 17th ranked passing defense; Jets had the second-best run defense.

Week 7: Miami Dolphins

While the Dolphins surprised everyone with their late-season run in 2019, they are still a team rebuilding.

DOLPHINS 2019 RUSHING DEFENSE: allowed 485 rushing attempts, 2,166 passing yards, 4.5 yards per carry, 15 touchdowns, 9 forced fumbles.

DOLPHINS 2019 RUSHING DEFENSE: 545 attempts, 344 completions, 63.1 percent completion percentage, 13 interceptions.

CHARGERS ADVANTAGE: Rushing game. The Dolphins ranked 27th against the run; the Dolphins also ranked 27th against the pass.

Week 8: Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville is a mess. Not as bad as Houston, but still.

JAGUARS 2019 RUSHING DEFENSE: allowed 435 rushing attempts, 2,229 yards, 5.1 yards per carry, 23 touchdowns, 13 forced fumbles.

JAGUARS 2019 PASSING DEFENSE: 517 attempts, 327 completions, 63.2 completions percentage, 10 interceptions.

CHARGERS ADVANTAGE:  Rushing game. The Jaguars ranked 28th against the run; The Jaguars defense ranked 16th against the pass.

Week 9: Las Vegas Raiders

RAIDERS 2019 RUSHING DEFENSE: allowed 405 attempts, 1,570 yards 3.9 yards per carry, 15 touchdowns, 9 forced fumbles.

RAIDERS 2019 PASSING DEFENSE: 526 attempts, 337 completions, 64.1 percent completion percentage, 9 interceptions.

CHARGERS ADVANTAGE; Passing game. The Raiders ranked 25th against the pass; eighth against the run.

Week 10: BYE WEEK

Week 11: Denver Broncos

The Broncos stacked up on offense but what about losing Chris Harris Jr. and Derek Wolfe?

BRONCOS 2019 RUSHING DEFENSE: allowed 426 attempts, 1,783 yards, 4.2 yards per carry, 9 touchdowns, 9 forced fumbles.

BRONCOS 2019 PASSING DEFENSE: 537 attempts, 348 completions, 64.8 percent completion percentage, 10 interceptions.

CHARGERS ADVANTAGE:  Split. The Broncos ranked 11th against the pass and 16th against the run.

Week 12: Buffalo Bills

BILLS 2019 RUSHING DEFENSE: allowed 388 rushing attempts, 1,649 yards, 4.3 yards per carry, 12 touchdowns, 16 forced fumbles.

BILLS 2019 PASSING DEFENSE: 553 attempts, 348 completions, 62.9 percent completion rate, 14 interceptions.

CHARGERS ADVANTAGE: Rushing game. The Bills ranked 11th against the run but fourth against the pass.

Week 13: New England Patriots

Last season the Patriots had the number one defense. It will be the defense that needs to keep them in the winning bracket.

PATRIOTS 2019 RUSHING DEFENSE: allowed 365 attempts, 1,528 yards, 4.2 yards per carry, seven touchdowns, 15 forced fumbles.

PATRIOTS 2019 PASSING DEFENSE: 536 attempts, 303 completions, 56.5 percent completion rate, 25 interceptions.

CHARGERS ADVANTAGE: Split. The Patriots ranked first against the pass and eighth against the run.

Week 14: Atlanta Falcons

FALCONS 2019 RUSHING DEFENSE: allowed 421 rushing attempts, 1,775 yards, 4.2 yards per carry, 13 touchdowns, 17 forced fumbles.

FALCONS 2019 PASSING DEFENSE: 536 attempts, 351 completions, 65.5 percent completion rate, 12 interceptions.

CHARGERS ADVANTAGE: Passing game. The Falcons ranked 21st against the pass and 15th against the run.





Of course, a lot depends on the game script. It is expected that games against the Chiefs, Falcons, Broncos, and Saints will be higher scoring games, necessitating the Chargers to ramp up their passing game.

It is early yet, but we can still see a glimpse of what may be.

Come back in-season when there are predictions of over/under and we can see what each team is actually bringing to the field.

We got you.

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