Los Angeles Chargers Face Toughest 1st Round Decision, per NFL Draft Expert

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NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah was asked which team has the toughest decision to make in the first round of the draft. Jeremiah named the Los Angeles Chargers. Here is how he framed the dilemma.

“I’m gonna go with the Chargers. Just because where they’re positioned. They’re the fifth pick. We could see four quarterbacks go. If we see a trade. We could see that happen. They’d have everybody else in the draft available to them.”

And then you think about Justin Herbert. How do we best serve him? Do we do it by going out and get a weapon, a passing game weapon to replace what you lost in Keenan Allen and Mike Williams. Will they fortify that offensive line, something that Jim Harbaugh and his staff has been talking awful lot about.

“Or do you trade back and try and get resources. Now that you’ve paid Justin Herbert, knowing you need to make the most of your dollars and get as many picks as you can to fill some of these roster holes, so a lot of different directions for Joe Ortiz and Jim Harbaugh to go.”

Los Angeles Chargers Expectations Sky High Amid Upheaval

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Chargers fans are already envisioning a quick turnaround, a la, the 49ers flip when Harbaugh splashed onto the scene in San Francisco. Which means a definitive winning record and a deep run in the playoffs. Vegas has different expectations, setting their over/under win total at 8.5 games. Getting nine wins would put them barely making the playoffs, possibly missing the playoffs in a highly competitive AFC landscape.

The Chargers find themselves needy at several high-value positions. Jeremiah mentioned wide receiver and offensive line. They will also need to find answers at defensive line, cornerback and running back.

What the 2024 NFL Draft Will Reveal About The Los Angeles Chargers

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Harbaugh’s first draft will reveal how quickly the coaching staff believes they are from making a playoff trip. Trading back means they know they aren’t one pass catcher away from that run. Taking a wide receiver or offensive lineman says they believe Justin Herbert and the offense mask the shortcomings of the Swiss cheese defense.

Fans would like to believe the silver bullet of being one player away, but closer observers can’t deny the reality of the current roster.

The good news is they don’t need to answer all the questions in the draft. The Los Angeles Chargers are currently $30.7 million over the cap, giving them flexibility to add more players post-draft.

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