Which Owner Would You Rather Lead The Los Angeles Chargers? Dean Spanos Or David Tepper?

With the Los Angeles Chargers season spiraling out of control with another tough loss at the hands of the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday Night, the majority of fans have been begging Chargers ownership and Dean Spanos to make a change at both the Head Coach and GM position.

It’s been well documented, including here at the LA Football Network, that the Spanos Family rarely, at least in the last decade, makes big changes in season, much to the chagrin of the Bolt Fam.

Los Angeles Chargers Owner Dean Spanos

Now I am not saying that I agree with this, but you can make the argument that aside from playing in Los Angeles, in the world’s best stadium, and with the keys to the Ferrari that is Justin Herbert, the job security that comes with being the Chargers Head Coach and GM make both jobs very attractive. You pretty much know as an incoming coach that you will last your contract.

Let’s take a look at the other side of the coin.

Carolina Panthers Owner David Tepper

Carolina Panthers owner, David Tepper, just fired his first-year head coach Frank Reich. It is the 2nd season in a row in which he fired a coach in-season, after moving on from Matt Rhule last year, in-season. Ron Rivera was the incumbent head coach when Tepper bought the Panthers in 2018, and he fired him in 2019.

Tepper is not shy about spending money, he is paying Rhule and Reich $70 million combined to not coach his team but certainly is not spending it wisely. In terms of quarterbacks, Carolina quickly went from Cam Newton, to Teddy Bridgewater, to Sam Darnold, to Baker Mayfield, to now first overall pick Bryce Young. They have no draft capital and a bad roster. So as the old saying goes, money doesn’t solve everything.

When looking at Dean Spanos and David Tepper, you pretty much have polar opposite owners. One won big in the hedge fund business, while the other won big in the birth cycle and who his parents were.

So the question is, who would you rather have as the owner of your franchise?