Los Angeles Chargers Linked To Legendary Head Coach Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick, Los Angeles Chargers
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As most of you already likely know, the Los Angeles Chargers continue to waste away in mediocrity under embattled head coach Brandon Staley. He boasts a 23-20 record since becoming the Chargers’ head coach back in 2021.

They find themselves at 4-5 on the season following a disheartening defensive performance in a 41-38 loss to the Detroit Lions last week.

There have been obvious rumors regarding Staley’s future in Southern California based on what happens moving forward this season. Heck, losses racking up moving forward into December could lead to an in-season move from the Chargers’ brass.

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Back east, the New England Patriots are on an even worse trajectory. They sit at 2-8 on the season following a humiliating performance in a 10-6 loss to the Indianapolis Colts in Germany last week. Legendary head coach Bill Belichick joins Staley on the hot seat and might not be long for New England.

It’s leading to speculation that Belichick could turn in the cold of Massachusetts for the sun of Southern California.

“One of my well-placed sources believe the Chargers are the favorites for Bill Belichick in 2024: Excellent QB; team ready to win; Belichick likes California and the beach,” longtime NFL reporter Gary Myers noted on Wednesday.

This isn’t just some random report. Myers has been covering football since 1978. His experience includes the NY Daily News and Dallas Morning News.

It’s also interesting that the “well-placed” source shot down the idea of Belichick heading to the Dallas Cowboys. That’s always been a possibility given Jerry Jones’ status as the Cowboys’ owner and his relationship with one of Belichick’s confidantes in that of former ‘Boys head coach Bill Parcells.

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Bill Belichick As A Fit For The Los Angeles Chargers

bill belichick, los angeles chargers
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It makes sense in theory. Belichick enjoyed unmatched success with another franchise quarterback in Tom Brady, winning a total of six Super Bowls since joining the Patriots’ organization back in 2000.

Things have taken a dramatic turn since Brady departed for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers back in 2020, with the Pats posting a 27-33 record. To an extent, this has led to Belichick’s reputation taking somewhat of a hit.

Even then, we’re talking about one of the most successful head coaches in NFL history. He’s posted a 300-160 career mark with the Patriots and Cleveland Browns. He would bring a sense of stability to a Chargers organization that has been without it since the days of Bobby Ross.

There are questions that would arise here, too. First off, rumors suggest that the Patriots will look to trade Belichick after signing him to a contract extension ahead of the 2023 season. What would the cost be? Would the Chargers be willing to pay it?

Belichick, 71, is also the second-oldest head coach in the NFL behind Pete Carroll of the Seattle Seahawks. Would this even be a long-term marriage between the two sides?

These are the questions. However, there would be more answers over the short-term. Justin Herbert being given a stabilizing force at head coach. Belichick bringing in his own people to run the offense. The head coach doing his thing with a talented defense that has not performed like it under Staley.

Just some food for thought as the Los Angeles Chargers figure out what the future holds.