Les Snead Vows He Will Still ‘Eff Them Picks’: What Can The Rams Get With #19?

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In his season-wrapping press conference, Les Snead confirmed that he will still trade the Los Angeles Rams first-round pick. The Rams currently hold the 19th overall pick in the draft and if they in fact trade that pick it will be the eighth consecutive season without a first-rounder. They already hold the second-longest streak in this regard in NFL history. The Washington football team holds the record with 11 straight seasons, 1969-1979.

The 19th pick is the second-highest hypothetical draft pick of the McVay era. The Rams would have had the 6th overall pick had they not traded it for Matthew Stafford.

So what can the Rams get for their pick?

First, a quick look back, the Rams traded 2017’s pick for Jared Goff and 2018’s pick for Brandin Cooks. 2019 was the year of the trade-back. The Rams flipped their first-rounder three times. It’s convoluted, but essentially it went like this: 31 for 45, 45 for 56, and 56 for 61. 61 became Taylor Rapp. 2020 and 2021 for Jalen Ramsey and 2022 and 2023 for Matthew Stafford.

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Les Snead Trades For An Offensive Piece

Tight End: Tyler Higbee will likely miss time and he hasn’t looked himself in two seasons. Tight ends often take years to develop after drafting. Trading for a tight end is the fastest and most assured way of upgrading the offense. Perhaps under new management, Atlanta and Kyle Pitts will want to part ways. Pitts is in the final year of his rookie contract. Minnesota may be going into full rebuilding mode. T.J. Hockenson, entering his sixth season, may want to find a place he can win now with.

Wide Reciever: Similarly to Higbee, Cooper Kupp‘s health was on tenterhooks all season. Puka Nacua is a lock, but Demarcus Robinson is now a free agent. Both Dionte Johnson and George Pickens of the Pittsburgh Steelers were disgruntled at times in 2023. Could Davante Adams want out of Las Vegas after yet another upheaval at the top?

Left Tackle: Garett Bolles of the Denver Broncos is nearing 32, could the Rams entice him to ‘win now’ with an impeding rebuild in Colorado? If Philadelphia is truly imploding, the Rams could do a lot worse than targeting Jordan Mailata.

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Les Snead Trades For A Defensive Piece

Edge Rusher: A first-round pick for a proven pass rusher is not only a great deal, but it is also the Rams biggest area of need. It may end up being more costly, but it will pay dividends. The Rams also have very specific needs from their edge players. The Steelers Alex Highsmith and the Tennessee Titans Harold Landry both fit the bill. Landry could be the easier get, given the state of the Titans. But if Mike Tomlin does step away Highsmith may want out.

Cornerback: The Rams will be looking for their new Jalen Ramsey. The Buffalo Bills are currently $44 million over the cap, would they let Rasul Douglas go? How about Paulson Adebo? The New Orleans Saints are $83 million over at the moment.

Les Snead Trades Back, Adds Additional Picks

The Rams already have 10 picks in the draft, maybe more if Raheem Morris is hired as a head coach, but the Rams have thrived on turning late-rounders into quality starters.

In the past teams have picked up extra day two and three picks by moving back only a handful of spots in the first round. The New Orleans Saints and the Philadelphia Eagles have made this kind of move in recent years.

The Ram only have a few positions they can fill in the first round of the draft; left tackle, wide receiver, and cornerback. If Les Snead doesn’t love a guy at 19. This scenario will be inevitable.

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