LA Football Uni Watch: Ranking The Best LA Uniform Matchups Of The Weekend

LA's Own Football Uni Watch Ranking!

Football Uni Watch
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LA Football Uni Watch Weekly Ranking

1. Chargers vs. Dolphins

The Chargers are set to wear their powder blue jerseys in Week 1 against the Dolphins in their modern whites. Individually, these uniforms are two of the best in the NFL. Together they look fresh and modern but also harken back to the early 1970s and late 2000s. It’s a perfect combo that lands this atop the LA Football Uni Watch Weekly Ranking

NCAA Football: San Diego State at UCLA
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2. UCLA vs. San Diego State

This is an instance where the juxtaposition of old-school and new-school works nicely. UCLA has kept to its tried-and-true LA effortless style, while San Diego State has incorporated the Aztec sunstone pattern into its helmet decals and shoulder and pant accents. The combination of the two writes the script perfectly, representing the spirits of both teams and making for a great clash of styles.

NCAA Football: Stanford at Southern California
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3. USC vs. Stanford

USC will be in their home Scarlett and Gold uniforms and Stanford will likely be sporting all-white with Stanford Cardinal accents. Generally, mixing different reds makes for a bad uniform matchup. Think Chiefs/49ers Super Bowl. But there are two things that make this one work. 1.) Both uniforms are classics that have seemingly never changed and have stood the test of time. 2.) Stanford will be in white pants and white shirts. So the different reds don’t clash as obviously.

Ironically, when you flip this combo to an away game for the Trojans, it’s thrown out of whack with the gold pants and USC scarlet along with Stanford cardinal all in the mix. If the Cardinal had cardinal pants on Saturday, this would drop to the bottom of the LA Football Uni Watch Weekly Ranking.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks
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4. Rams vs. Seahawks

The Rams will wear white jerseys. The home team Seahawks will likely be in their all-College Navy set. The wild card here is the Rams pant color choice. Likely it will be the Sol option, the combo in which they won the 2021 Super Bowl while wearing. But in the past two trips to Seattle, they have opted for Royal, and in 2020 they rolled with the controversial and now verboten all-Bone White set.

In my opinion, the bone was the best of the lot. It lent a much-needed grounding to the proceedings. This is mainly because they are a blank slate, but also because they are a throwback, waaaaaay back. Seems like something Elroy Hirsch could have worn. He didn’t, but it captures that era in a certain way.

Does the league need a trend of throwbacks to the 1950s? No. (Although I’m all here for it) but this particular matchup does need something that connects it to the storied history of this great game. Seattle’s rebrand in which they currently reside WAS fresh… A decade ago! It already looks dated. Even, the much applauded 90’s throwback they released this year is as toothless as Peacock’s Fresh Prince reboot.

The Rams uniform reboot isn’t bad on its own, but when put up against Seattle’s short-shelf life uniforms, they drag the Rams down to the bottom of the LA Football Uni Watch Rankings and remind us all that rebranding is a treacherous business.