According to Joe Alt, Los Angeles Chargers Weren’t His “Ideal” Fit Before Draft

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The Los Angeles Chargers drafted Joe Alt with the 5th overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, but in the days before the draft, Alt envisioned a more ideal fit for himself, the Tennesse Titans.

According to an interview with the Minneapolis Star-Tribune published just days before the Draft, “Joe said the ideal fit in his mind is, indeed, Tennessee, which needs a left tackle and has hired one of the league’s most well-respective line coaches in Bill Callahan, the 67-year-old father of Titans rookie head coach Brian Callahan.”

Both remaining at left tackle and working with Bill Callahan were points of priority for Alt.

“I met with Coach Callahan down in Tennessee,” Joe said of Bill. “The biggest thing that hit me was it’s very black-and-white in how he coaches. He laid out very specific things that he wants for me. It was a great coaching scheme and you know exactly what he wants and how to fix it if you do it wrong. All the visits I had, he was the best.”

As for remaining at left tackle, the article highlights specifically the Chargers as a poor option in the Alt camp, due to Rashawn Slater‘s presence on the roster at the spot. The point was further driven home when talking to those in Alt’s circle of influence.

Alt Camp Wanted the Titans over the Los Angeles Chargers

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John Michael Schmitz, who trained with Alt during his pre-draft process and is entering Year 2 as a starter for the New York Giants, expressed a strong desire to play alongside Alt. Still, it was noted, by o-line coach and former Vikings lineman Alex Boone that the Giants don’t require a left tackle.

Boone then openly expressed that Alt and his circle were rooting for Alt to fall one spot behind the Chargers, “We’re all rooting for the Titans at No. 7,” Boone said then put an even finer point on his case, “Good left tackles get moved; great left tackles are drafted to play left tackle. And Joe is a great left tackle.”

Joe’s father, John Alt, ultimately put Joe’s mindset into perspective, “All I know is the uncertainty is driving Joe crazy,” said John. “He likes structure. He wants to go somewhere and get to work.”

Ideal fits be damned, Joe Alt is now hard at work with the Los Angeles Chargers. While most have him penciled in as the right tackle, opposite Slater, head coach Jim Harbaugh has been open that they will put the best player at the best position for the team, leaving the door open to Alt on the left end.

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