NFL insider thinks Jim Harbaugh may make huge changes to Los Angeles Chargers roster in 2025

Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

After being hired as head coach, Jim Harbaugh made several significant changes to the Los Angeles Chargers roster with wide receiver Mike Williams released and fellow wide receiver Keenan Allen traded. There appears to be a real chance even bigger moves could be made next offseason.

Los Angeles entered the year in an unfavorable salary-cap situation, forcing multiple contract restructures and influencing the decision to part ways with Williams and Allen. As a result, the Chargers will be a little more dependent on their rookie class to contribute in 2024.

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Harbaugh and general manager Joe Hortiz’s first draft class has high expectations both internally and around the league. Ladd McConkey is already generating buzz and NFL analysts have raved about the impact the Chargers rookie class will make. If it proves to be an especially productive rookie pool, that could further influence Harbaugh to overhaul the Chargers roster even further in 2025.

Senior NFL reporter Charles Robinson shared on the Yahoo Sports’ Zero Blitz podcast why he thinks Harbaugh could use the 2024 season as a measuring stick to determine which players belong in his team culture. It could lead to major roster changes next offseason, even including big-name players.

“I don’t think there’s any question he’s absolutely, 100 percent, going to do it his way. Low key, I might even look after the 2024 season, I wonder if there’s a larger swath of personnel change there, in terms of players after the 2024 season, including maybe some big names. I think he’s gonna measure in 2024 who doesn’t need to be there.”

Charles Robinson on Jim Harbaugh and the 2024 Los Angeles Chargers season

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While no specifics are provided, it’s not hard to identify several Chargers players who could be fighting for their future in Los Angeles this year.

Khalil Mack and Joey Bosa both narrowly survived being salary-cap casualties in 2024. Mack will be a free agent next offseason and releasing Bosa would generate $25.36 million in cap space.

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It will also be a prove-it year for wide receiver Quentin Johnson, with the 2023 first-round pick having no ties to the new Chargers coaching staff or front office. Other starters who will see the field this fall might also be on the chopping block if Harbaugh determines they aren’t a good fit for what he wants to do.

All of this is another important reminder of why the Chargers’ record in 2024 can’t be what determines if the season is a success. Los Angeles is going in a completely new direction and building a culture with the right people takes time. If the Chargers have a losing record in 2024 but it helps Harbaugh find which players he wants to keep and move on from, that still bodes well for the future.

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