Instant Reactions From The Coach And The Don: Rivers Has A Happy Birthday

Talon Graff
Los Angeles Chargers Safety Derwin James. Photo Credit: Ryan Dyrud | LAFB Network
Los Angeles Chargers Safety Derwin James. Photo Credit: Ryan Dyrud | LAFB Network

The Coach

The Chargers had the best game of their season so far and it just so happened to be Philip Rivers‘ birthday. The now 38-year-old quarterback threw for 314 yards and three touchdown passes. Most importantly, for the first time in over a month, he didn’t have a single interception. The offense put in Tyrod Taylor in the fourth quarter when they were up 38-10. He too was able to throw a touchdown pass.

Austin Ekeler was an absolute cheat code against the Jaguars. He was responsible for 213 yards of offense, 101 rushing, and 112 receiving. He went 84 yards untouched on a screen pass from Rivers for his lone touchdown on the day. Ekeler appeared impossible to tackle at times. Melvin Gordon scored on the ground for his fourth rushing touchdown of the season.

Ekeler and Gordon should be treating their offensive linemen to some high-dollar meals. The Chargers’ big men in the trenches got a huge push all day. The best performance for them all year not only on the ground but they kept Rivers clean for the most part, only allowing one sack.

While the win has the Chargers Twitterverse divided, some glad to see the team performing so well while others are upset about losing draft position. However you feel about it, the Chargers looked impressive today.

The Don

Happy Birthday Philip Rivers, and what a hell of a performance! The franchise great has been criticized ruthlessly this season, including by my co-host and I on Bleav In LA Football, but he bounced back in a big way on Sunday. Overall, he looked the most comfortable that he has looked all season. Unfortunately, it came a little to late, but nonetheless, take nothing away from his tremendous performance. He went 16 of 22 for 314 yards and three touchdowns. Also, and probably most importantly, Rivers did not turn the ball over for the first time in four games.

Austin Ekeler also put up stellar numbers, posting the first double-triple for a running back this season. That is 101 rushing yards and 112 receiving yards. It’s no secret that Ekeler is one of the Chargers’ greatest assets in the passing game, but it was good to see him get it going on the ground, and with only eight carries to work with.

Now let’s get to the biggest news that really isn’t getting talked about. Less than 24-hours before kickoff, it was announced that Denzel Perryman and Roderic Teamer were downgraded to out, due to a NON-Injury related issue.

Even after the game, Coach Lynn was not real specific on why the last-minute decision to not play Perryman and Teamer.

Drue Tranquill stepped in for Perryman and had a career day with eight total tackles. I have been impressed with Tranquill all season, and expect him to have a very bright future with the Bolts. The Teamer and Perryman situation is odd, but love to see when young guys step up and make the most of their opportunity.

Overall, the Chargers finally played a complete game, something else we talked about on Bleav In LA Football. Even though it’s just for pride (LA has now been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs), this was a great team win, and finally a Sunday that Bolt fans could enjoy.

Oh, and big shoutout to fullback Derek Watt who had his first career touchdown!