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Houston Texans Vs. Seattle Seahawks Recap

The Houston Texans were coming off a bye week and were headed to Seattle to face the Seahawks, who had won 3 straight games.

CenturyLink Field, where the Seahawks play, is known for eating rookie quarterbacks alive and this would be Deshaun Watson‘s first real test in terms of a high-powered defense. Coming into this game, many were excited to see the matchup of Deshaun Watson vs. Russell Wilson, as many analysts have compared Watson to Wilson, with their ability to run the ball as well as their deceptive arm strength and the poise they bring to the game. The matchup would not disappoint.

Deshaun’s Offense

The Texans received the ball first and immediately, Watson had the Texans marching down the field. All it took was 5 plays and Watson launched a pass downfield off of play action, into Will Fuller‘s hands for a 59-yard touchdown catch. This game just got interesting.

On the next series for the Texans, Watson threw a pick-six into the hands of Earl Thomas and just like that the game was tied. But Watson being as poised and confident as he is, he chalked that interception up and was ready to get the ball back.

Again, with ease, the Texans march down the field for another score, this time a goal-line run by Lamar Miller. The game is now 14-7 and Watson was able to get back on track.

Texans Receivers

Watson was slinging the ball all game, finding whoever was open all game, but he found a couple receivers more often than others. Fuller was able to bring in 125 yards on 5 catches and 2 touchdowns.

Fuller brings that ability to stretch the field so far, he is a deep threat because of his speed and it seems as though he really worked on his ability to catch the ball, which has led to him being able to score 7 touchdowns on 11 passes. Insane.

DeAndre Hopkins was also getting in on the action. Hopkins had a career game with 8 catches for 224 yards and a touchdown, with his sole touchdown coming off of a screen pass that went for 70 yards. After that touchdown, the score was 38-34 with 4:49 left in the game.

The Conservative Bill O’Brien

Bill O’Brien is a good coach and is part of the reason Watson has been playing so well. He adjusted his offense and allowed it to play to Watson’s strength, which is why he has thrown for 3 or more touchdown passes his past 4 games (including the Seahawks game).

Against the Patriots, O’Brien had called his best game yet. The Texans had an answer for Tom Brady almost every drive and were able to have a lead over the defending champions in the 4th quarter. All O’Brien had to do was take a risk and go for it on 4th and 1 and allow Watson to win the game.  Instead, he chose to punt the ball and give it back to Brady with 2 minutes left.

The Patriots went on to the win the game. Fans were sure O’Brien learned from that mistake and would be a little riskier in his play calling in crunch time in the future. Sure enough, the Texans have a chance to ice the game against the Seahawks and go home with a very important win.

The Texans were looking at a 3rd and 4 situation, with over two minutes left in the game. Seeing as how Watson had thrown for over 400 yards, 4 TD’s and run for 67 yards, putting the game in Watson’s hands would have been the smart thing to do. Let your star win the game. Instead, he calls a run play to Miller which gets stopped after just 2 yards. The Texans punt and again, O’Brien’s playcalling down the stretch is questioned.

Russell Wilson

For the entire game, Watson and Wilson were going drive for drive, finding ways for their teams to score. Wilson was able to find Paul Richardson for two scores and 105 yards, as well as Tyler Lockett bringing in 121 receiving yards. The way Wilson was able to carry his team throughout the game and go drive for drive with Watson allowed for the Seahawks to be in a position to win the game in the end.

Wilson is arguably the most underrated quarterback in the NFL but on the final drive for the Seahawks, he proved once again that he deserves to be in the conversation with the best in the league. He completed pass after pass, moving his team down the field and burning any Texans defensive back in sight. Wilson was able to find Jimmy Graham in the end zone for the lead with over 20 seconds left… the game was over.

The Texans had many distractions last week, with the Texans owner Bob McNair making some insensitive comments and with Duane Brown voicing his opinion of such comments and rumors that Brown would be traded before the deadline (who now has been traded to the aforementioned Seahawks). But the Texans stuck it out and competed. The Texans are a good team but with many holes and the Seahawks were able to expose those holes which led them to a victory.

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  • Erin says:

    Deshaun Watson is the greatest rookie QB ever and I can’t wait until the day he leads our Texans to a championship. This was a great article, keep up the good work!

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