Greg Gaines NFL Draft Profile

Greg Gaines NFL Draft Profile. A Sports Al Dente Illustration
Greg Gaines NFL Draft Profile. A Sports Al Dente Illustration

Greg Gaines – Defensive Tackle

School: University of Washington

Class: Senior

Height: 6’1

Weight: 312 pounds

Greg Gaines NFL Draft Profile

Top 3 Player Traits

Excellent Run Stuffer

On every single run play, Gaines has some kind of impact. Whether it be taking on blockers and eating up double-teams, or coming in and making the stop, he would get it done for the Huskies. He can fill gaps or shoot through them, and he does it at a very high level.


Gaines is a tough player to block because he knows how to use his body. He doesn’t have the best pass-rush arsenal, but he knows how to get off blocks and get involved with the play in both the run and pass game. It doesn’t always show up in the stat sheet, but he finds ways to make an impact

Staying Involved In the Play

This goes with the last one, but Gaines doesn’t take snaps off, and he stays with every play until the end. The play below is a perfect example, where the running back sneaks by him, and he’s still able to break through the double team off the snap and come in to assist on the tackle.

3 Player Traits In Need of Improvement

Short Arms

He can’t really improve on this, but it will be an issue at the NFL level, and teams will definitely knock him for it. His arm length will allow offensive linemen to throw the first punch, and get their hands on his chest early and often. He’ll need to really work on his hand fighting at the next level.

He Knows How To Bull Rush… And Bull Rush

Gaines has a lack of a pass rush arsenal, which really limits what he can do at the NFL level. He’s not exactly big enough to be a true nose tackle, so he’ll have to develop a more refined set of pass-rush moves. His bull rush isn’t the most effective either, as if he doesn’t win early in the rep, he has a tendency to get overpowered, and every now and again he’ll get pancaked.

Lateral Movement

It’s pretty easy to get by Gaines with any kind of cut, as too often he’ll just dive and miss. He doesn’t shift his weight side to side very often, and when he does it, he doesn’t do it well. He either ends up on his back or in pursuit of the ball-carrier.

NFL Team Fits

Detroit Lions

The Lions are the perfect team to take a late round flier on Gaines because they can let him sit and develop behind A’Shawn Robinson and Damon Harrison, and bring him in when those guys need a rest just to fill the gap. He’d also be a very useful player in goal-line situations.

New York Giants

The Giants could use another big body in the middle to fill the void after trading Harrison to the Lions, and Gaines could be a useful piece in the middle of the defense. He’d be a very useful player against the run early on, and as his career moves on he might be able to develop more of a pass rush.

NFL Player Comparison

Poona Ford

Gaines has a very similar body type to Ford, who went undrafted after being voted the Big-12 Defensive Player of the Year in 2017. Ford is a bit more refined as a pass rusher, but the body type and style of “punch you in the mouth” play makes this a perfect comp for me.

Round Projection

Round 6