NFL Experts Grade Los Angeles Rams’ Kevin Dotson Signing

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Matt Miller, NFL analyst, is grading many of the free agency moves for ESPN. The Los Angeles Rams made their first big move in free agency when they re-signed Kevin Dotson to a Three-year, $48 million contract with $32 million guaranteed.

Kevin Dotson Contract Grade: B

Miller largely praised the move, writing

The Rams are back to building through the draft and smart free agent signings, like this one, after years of ring chasing by acquiring pricey veterans via trades and free agency. Dotson is the type of cornerstone linemen savvy teams acquire for cheap and re-sign at market value contracts. Instead of going after an [Michael] Onwenu-type player, the Rams stay in-house with an ascending veteran who proved his worth in 2023.

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Los Angeles Rams Invest Big Money

Los Angeles Rams Re-sign Kevin Dotson: Not Worth The High Price Tag?

While Miller doesn’t give specific reasons for not giving the move a higher grade, he does write that it “moves the recent needle for interior offensive linemen” and raises the bar of guaranteed money. Last year’s top earner, Ben Powers received $28.5 million guaranteed.

It is a large investment on the offensive side of the ball when the team’s biggest needs are on defense. The Rams are currently spending $23.3 million on 20+ defenders, not named Aaron Donald. Even with Donald’s $34 million cap hit the Rams are dead last in the League in defensive spending.

The contract makes Dotson the 6th highest-paid guard in the league. He is expected to drop one spot once Onwenu is signed in free agency.

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