Getting Ahead: Looking At Los Angeles Rams Week 11 Matchup Against Seahawks

The Los Angeles Rams had another painful loss on Sunday and while the team has a bye scheduled, fans are ready to move on to the next game as soon as possible. As such, here’s an early preview of the Los Angeles Rams Week 11 Matchup with the Seattle Seahawks. It isn’t as impossible of a matchup on this side of Week 9 as it might have seemed a week ago. Here’s a look at what’s going on with the Seahawks.


The Seattle Seahawks are 5-3 and coming off their worst loss of the season against the Baltimore Ravens. Geno Smith put on a throwback performance to his time with the New York Jets in the loss, completing 13-28 passes for 157 yards and an interception. The Seahawks lost the contest by a score of 37-3. In Week 10, they’ll take on the 4-5 Washington Commanders before facing the Rams in Week 11.

Their performance against the Commanders will give a preview as to how they can bounce back from what arguably was an even more brutal loss than what the Rams suffered to the Packers on Sunday. Rams fans can only hope that the Ravens gave the NFL a blueprint on how to defeat the Seahawks beyond having a massively superior roster across the board.

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As of the start of Week 10, the Seahawks are in great health on offense. Their only main active injury is offensive tackle Abraham Lucas, who is on the team’s injury report. Overall, the unit ranks 19th in yards per game, 19th in passing yards per game, 23rd in rushing yards per game, and 17th in points per game.

At quarterback, Geno Smith has thrown for nine touchdowns and seven interceptions this season, leaving plenty of room for improvement and giving Broncos fans plenty of ammunition in fending off any remaining jokes about the blockbuster trade as the two fanbases continue to trade shots. Put simply, the Seahawks offense isn’t one to be feared.


That said, defensively, the Seahawks aren’t missing any key superstars, but there are six defenders on the injured reserve. Mike Morris, Latrell Bumphus, Joshua Onujiogu, Drake Thomas, and Uchenna Nwosu are all expected to miss the Week 11 matchup. Defensively, the team gives up yards at a fast clip as they are ranked 25th in the category.

Their secondary isn’t exactly where deep passes go to die, either, as they are ranked 20th in passing yards per game. Their rushing defense isn’t stifling, either, as they are ranked 22nd overall in rushing yards per game. They also give up points at a similar pace, as they are ranked 22nd overall in points per game. While they have gotten compliments at times this season, it’s a far cry from the days of the Legion of Boom.

If Matthew Stafford returns in time for the matchup, the Rams should be the favorite in the game. They’ve already done the hard part, beating Geno Smith and D.K. Metcalf in their own building. Will they be able to do so at SoFi Stadium?