Former USC Trojans QB Says The Mob Pays Players To Fix SEC College Football Games

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Former quarterback Mo Hasan’s career never quite took off with the USC Trojans after he tore ligaments in his knee in 2021 and his Achilles in 2022. But now Hasan’s generating headlines anyway, but this time it’s not due to his play on the field.

Instead, Hasan is generating a lot of attention for some comments he made on a podcast. During his Vanderbilt days, Hasan alleges a member of the mob approached him at Jason Aldean’s bar in Nashville, asking him to throw an upcoming game he was competing in.

“I was approached at Jason Aldean’s bar in Nashville by the Italian mob to fix football games. He offered me $300,000. I went to get drinks and so I’m alone right now. I’m not with my friend group. He comes up to me. He offered me $300,000. He said, ‘For something like this, my clients pay $250 to $300K. For a game.”

“He said we regularly talk to guys in your position about fixing games. He named guys in the SEC who, I don’t want to say their names because they’re in the NFL right now and that’s a bad deal. But, the University of Alabama, I will tell you that.”

Former USC Trojans QB Mo Hasan on his run-ins with the mob

Hasan later suggested that nearly all SEC football games are “rigged.”

Mo Hasan Chimes In On Temple Basketball Gambling Activity

On Friday, gambling agency U.S. Integrity revealed they flagged multiple Temple men’s basketball games for what they called ‘unusual‘ betting activity. Of course, it didn’t take long for Mo Hasan to comment on the matter too.

Hasan never got to officially make an appearance for the USC Trojans. However, he did play in seven games while at Vanderbilt from 2018-19, which is when the alleged encounter with the ‘mobster’ occurred.

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