Fantasy Football Players We’re Thankful For

Fantasy Football Players We're Thankful For
Minnesota Vikings Wide Receiver Adam Thielen. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Thanksgiving, a time for turkey, stuffing and lots of football. I suppose family makes their way into the Thanksgiving spirit but we know that we are thankful for our loved ones, that’s why they’re called “loved ones.” But let’s not forget those guys running around on the field, we have to be thankful that men parade around in tight uniforms for our amusement. What Fantasy players are we most thankful for?

Fantasy Football Players We’re Thankful For

Drew Brees

With all the talk of Patrick Mahomes and Jared Goff’s success, Drew Brees’ record setting year might not be as impactful as we may hope. That is bonkers! Drew Brees is having such a good year he has been averaging 26.9 points (PPR) a game, with 29 TDs and only 2 picks. Compared to the New Orleans 2010 season when they won the Super Bowl, Brees is passing his average by 5 points. That year he also had a completion rating of 68.1%, while this year he is at 76.4%, the most accurate he has ever been. Michael Thomas has benefited from his reign this year and look at those numbers and tell me you aren’t impressed. It is a bad day if your opponent has Drew Brees or any weapon of his arsenal but if you are the coach with his quiver, Brees has been leading you to victory. 

Andrew Luck

There are a lot of holes in your offense if you are passing as frequently as Andrew Luck. I don’t know what Pittsburgh and Minnesota’s problem is since they have running backs like James Conner or Dalvin Cook, but right now the ranks for passing attempts go Pit, Min, and then Indy. Either way, each QB has thrown the ball 400 times or more, what a way to reflect our pass happy sport.

In fantasy football, we are thankful for these offenses. They rake in the points whether you have Antonio Brown or Adam Thielen you have felt those sudden urges of happiness when your high draft pick scores some points. Mr. Luck doesn’t have that kind of privilege, he has been a great player on sucky teams and his stats show for it. Luckily for us, the “air it out” offense that Indy lays out is sublime and makes Andrew Luck a valued mid-tiered pick that we appreciate. 

Saquon Barkley

The rookie sensation in New York has been tearing it up since he has signed his contract. 158 attempts for 728 yards, averaging 4.6 yards a carry, with 64 receptions and 540 yards averaging that to 8.4 yards after the catch. What a fascinating phenom coming out of the Giants huddle. Naturally, Odell Beckham Jr. leads the reception and yards in that category and Todd Gurley leads the running backs with yards and attempts, but what we are focusing on here is the consistency that Barkley brings to the table. For example, the only time Barkley did not score 20 or more points in fantasy this season, PPR of course, was Week 10, that is it. Every other week of Barkley’s career he has posted 20 point games, running your team into the winner’s circle. You already know if you took the chance on a Giants running back and how thankful you are. 

Todd Gurley

Currently, Todd Gurley is one of two running backs over the 1,000-yard mark in the 2018-2019 NFL season, his total is at 1,043 yards. The other is Dallas star Ezekiel Elliott who topped the 1,000-yard mark on Thanksgiving. Those of you who picked Gurley already know how thankful you are to the LA Rams running back’s successful career but let’s point it out for those of us riding the Bitter-Coaster since we didn’t get the first or second pick in our draft. Todd Gurley has a total of 17 TDs, 13 rushing, and 4 receiving. He has more receiving TDs than Keenan Allen, Brandin Cooks, and Julio Jones, as well as leads the league in rushing TDs. Right now Gurley’s average rushing attempt goes for 5.0 yards, while his receiving average jumps up to 10.3 a catch. Gurley has been this hybrid player for fantasy coaches we must be thankful for such an athlete. 

Adam Thielen 

Guess which rising star is leading receivers in targets and receptions (as of this writing before Michael Thomas played on Thanksgiving), Adam Thielen, you’re right, how keen of an eye you have for detail. Thielen not only leads but has a substantial amount of receptions over receivers like Julio Jones, Davante Adams, and even Odell Beckham Jr., what does that mean? Thielen gets fed the ball and in the way, he is most vital. He doesn’t lead the league in TDs but I believe leading the league in targets and receptions gives you more of an overall value than just a TD machine. Of course, who wouldn’t love their wideout scoring multiple TDs in a game? Everyone, you’re right again keen observer, but what we love about Thielen is his consistent farm of points he provides. This season Thielen has yet to score lower than double digits, making us thankful for having him on our team. 

Tyreek Hill

The fastest man in the NFL, who wouldn’t be thankful to have this man on their team? Luckily I drafted Hill in my fantasy league but boy o’ boy does the border between points lay thick between PPR and Standard Leagues. There were leagues where I didn’t want to play Hill because of his opposing corners or defenses but that’s not the case in the PPR format. He has had one week of ill performance but that was ages ago when the ball was barely rolling for the Chief-machine. If he’s not scoring multiple TDs in a game, Hill is dialing in those receiving yards and receptions. Currently, Hill averages 17.0 yards a catch with 11 TDs under his belt. In Hill’s case you can be thankful for two players; He and Patrick Mahomes

George Kittle

Looking at Kittle’s team almost makes the fantasy coaches consider why they would even pick a San Francisco player. When Jimmy G was the QB, MAYBE, but without Jimmy, Frisco is riding on the coat-tails of Matt Breida after Jerick McKinnon went down. All of this leads to some diamond in the rough that needs to be shined, a star stuck in the sky with clouds covering their greatness. George Kittle is this diamond and star of San Francisco. In 8 of 10 games, Kittle has scored double digits with his disappointing team and even reared in some highlight-worthy numbers; Week 1, 5 receptions, 90 yards and no score, a soft 14 points but then jump to Week 4, 6 receptions, 125 yards and a score, a total of 24.5 points (PPR). After this breakout performance, whoever was in the QB spot knew they had something special in their TE. For that, George Kittle, we are thankful for you.