3 Best Edge Rushers For Los Angeles Rams In Free Agency, Now That Brian Burns Has Been Tagged

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The Los Angeles Rams are in the market for an edge rusher and the 2024 free agent class is stocked with great options, even though getting Brian Burns became nearly impossible when the Carolina Panthers franchise tagged him.

Brian Burns Tagged, Constricts Los Angeles Rams Chances Of Landing Edge Rusher

Free Agent Edge Rusher Targets For The Los Angeles Rams

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All-In Option- Josh Allen

With Burns wishes fading the next best option is Josh Allen. Allen had extraordinary season. He posted a career high in quarterback pressures (90) and blew 2022 sacks total (7) out of the water with 17.5 sacks, his 20.5% pass-rush win rate that was among the league’s best.

If the Rams want Allen, they will need to use much of thier ≈$40 million 2024 cap surplus. Bidding starts at $28 million.

*Since publishing, Josh Allen has been tagged by the Jacksonville Jaguars. So this option would also require a trade and then contract extension.

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Off Brand Option- Bryce Huff

Bryce Huff has flown under the radar. 2023 was the first season he was given significant playing time. The former undrafted free agent collected 10 sacks in just 347 snaps last season. For context it took Chase Young 241 extra snaps just to get 11 sacks. He was third in the league in pass rush win rate and 15th in pressures despite playing a fraction of what the top guys played.

In 2022 those stats were even more freakish. He led the league by a significant amount and managed 36 pressures on just 175 passing snaps. The next best to achieve that amount of snaps was Dante Fowler Jr. but it took him 236 snaps.

Huff isn’t typically the type of edge rusher they opt for, but with this kind of potential it would be silly not to make an offer.

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Sleeper Option- Andrew Van Ginkel

Andrew Van Ginkel could be the 2024 version of Leonard Floyd. They have a different petigree, but like Floyd, Van Ginkel has all the makings of a 10 sack contributor when playing next to Aaron Donald (and Kobie Turner).

According to his Relative Athletic Score, Van Ginkel is an elitre athlete by all metrics. His draw back is his size, he is underweight with short arms. But has managed to overcome that. Last season he set a new career high with six sacks. He also had 69 tackles and eight passes defended and an interception.

When given playing time he has produced and has improved year over year. Making the move to a team that fully believes in his potential could be what he needs to rise to his full potential. And the good news is the Rams can get hims for a fraction of what Josh Allen or even Huff will go for, likely around $7 million per year.