DeShaun Foster: A New Era Begins For UCLA Football With Emotion And Promise

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In an introductory press conference that could only be described as both passionate and poignant, DeShaun Foster officially took the helm as the UCLA Bruins new head football coach. The former UCLA running back, whose career both on the field and on the sidelines has been marked by determination and heart, did not hold back his emotions as he laid out his vision for the Bruins’ future.

Foster, who has transitioned from a celebrated player to a coach with a reputation for developing talent and instilling discipline, made it clear from the outset that his appointment was the result of a competitive process.

“I interviewed for this job like everybody else. They came back with the best candidate,” he stated confidently.

A Look At What DeShaun Foster Will Bring To UCLA Football

Yet, it was not just his words that resonated with those in attendance; it was the emotion behind them. Foster choked up during his opening remarks, a display of vulnerability and sincerity that earned him a round of applause from the room filled with boosters, signaling a deep connection to the program and a genuine passion for the role.

Underlining the immediate impact of Foster’s appointment, Athletic Director Martin Jarmond noted that, as of the morning of the press conference, not a single UCLA player had entered the transfer portal. This speaks volumes about the team’s reaction to Foster’s leadership and suggests a collective belief in his vision for the program’s future.

Foster’s philosophy for rejuvenating UCLA football rests on three pillars: discipline, respect, and enthusiasm. He emphasized the importance of collective effort, stating,

“All my life I’ve played big-time ball, that’s what I do, I’m gonna hit the ground running… I need everyone in here, it’s gonna take the fans, the donor support.”

His words not only call for unity but also highlight his readiness to tackle the challenges ahead with the same fervor and dedication he brought to the field as a player.

While acknowledging the risks associated with such a passionate, emotionally charged hire, the response from the UCLA community suggests a readiness to embrace Foster’s vision. His deep connections to the program, combined with his playing and coaching experience, position him as a figure capable of leading UCLA into a new era—one marked by a reinvigorated commitment to excellence on and off the field.

As Foster takes the reins, the UCLA football program stands at a crossroads, the UCLA Bruins are not just entering a new chapter in the Big Ten; they’re embracing a journey of a brand new stance on football.

The DeShaun Foster era begins not just with lofty expectations but with a heartfelt belief in what it means to be part of the Bruin family—a sentiment that could very well be the cornerstone of a successful tenure at UCLA.

NCAA Football: UCLA Head Coach DeShaun Foster Introductory Press Conference
Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports