The Desai Guys 2023 NFL Awards And Season Predictions

Every conceivable NFL awards and season prediction imaginable!

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NFL Awards Winners

NFL Awards: Most Valuable Player of the Year

  • Tad: Joe Burrow, QB – Cincinnati Bengals
    • If he and Ja’Marr Chase can stay healthy, this passing offense is the best one in the entirety of the NFL
    • Not to mention that Joe Mixon is back and playing for a big-time contract and if there’s one thing that leads to production, it’s a contract year
    • This offense, if healthy, should be firing on all cylinders which should lead to ‘Patrick Mahomes‘ level stats from Burrow
  • Amar: Justin Herbert, QB – Los Angeles Chargers
    • Say what you want about Brandon Staley’s job security, hiring Kellen Moore is going to put Herbert in the MVP conversation for sure

NFL Awards: Offensive Player of the Year

  • Tad: Christian McCaffrey, RB – San Francisco 49ers
    • This guy is going to put up bonkers numbers this season
    • Amar predicted a 1,000/1,000 season for him. If he stays healthy, I think that is absolutely in play
    • This award always goes to the guy who should’ve been in the MVP conversation but doesn’t get it because he’s not the quarterback
  • Amar: Jalen Hurts, QB – Philadelphia Eagles
    • Had a sensational season last year and expect him to improve in the passing game to make him even more dangerous this coming season
      • Finished 3rd last season for the award
NFL: New York Jets at Green Bay Packers
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NFL Awards: Defensive Player of the Year

  • Tad: Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner, DB – New York Jets
    • Remember a huge part of these awards is how much media hype the guy gets
    • The Jets are riding very high on the hype train
    • Gardner looked great in the preseason plus he’s playing the Patriots twice, the Cowboys, the Giants, the Falcons, Houston, and Washington
  • Amar: Micah Parsons, LB – Dallas Cowboys
    • Another year in Dan Quinn’s system should really help him win this award.
    • Has had back-to-back seasons with at least 13 sacks and should be a force again in 2023
      • Finished 2nd last season for this award

NFL Awards: Offensive Rookie of the Year

  • Tad: Bryce Young, QB – Carolina Panthers
    • The Panthers have done such a good job of surrounding him with veteran talent
    • And that’s where rookie quarterbacks struggle the most isn’t with their own talent level but those around them
    • Plus they have a real shot at winning this division and that is a story the media is just going to eat up
  • Amar: Bijan Robinson, RB – Atlanta Falcons
    • Lots of clamoring for Jahmyr Gibbs to win this award, but Robinson is going to rack up a ton of yards and be used heavily in this Atlanta offense as a rusher and a pass catcher
NFL: Preseason-Houston Texans at New England Patriots
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NFL Awards: Defensive Rookie of the Year

  • Tad: Jalen Carter, DT – Philadelphia Eagles
    • This dude was an absolute monster in the preseason – his first play in the NFL was this close to being a sack
    • As a defensive tackle, if he gets eight sacks or more this is a virtual lock
    • Plus, name one consistent offensive line in the NFC East and I’ll show you a leprechaun
  • Amar: Will Anderson Jr., LB – Houston Texans
    • Landing with DeMeco Ryans can be one of the best things for a young defender and Anderson’s career should blossom under his tutelage

NFL Awards: Comeback Player of the Year

  • Tad: John Metchie III, WR – Houston Texans
    • So Damar Hamlin is the big-time favorite to win this and I’m sorry, I’m going to sound like a jackass here, but let’s be real here
    • Hamlin’s story is great but on the field, the dude barely plays if there aren’t injuries
    • He was a borderline roster maker!
    • I think a player with a similarly heartwarming story that will put up the stats to really make a name for himself: John Metchie
    • Metchie was diagnosed with leukemia in July 2022 and missed his rookie season as a result
    • Likely going to be the second receiver behind Robert Woods at some point this season – his competition is Nico Collins, Noah Brown, Xavier Hutchinson, and Tank Dell
  • Amar: Calvin Ridley, WR – Jacksonville Jaguars
    • It’s for sure going to be Hamlin, but in case it isn’t this would be the best option after him
    • After not playing at all in 2022, Ridley is going to hit the field like he never missed a season and instantly become a dynamo in this Jaguars offense
NFL: Preseason-Chicago Bears at Indianapolis Colts
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NFL Awards: Coach of the Year

  • Tad: Matt Eberflus, Chicago Bears
    • This is a division prime for the taking
    • I’m a big believer in Justin Fields and think he’s going to take it to the next level this year
    • If they can beat out the Lions for the division crown, this is an award that will be well-deserved
  • Amar: Robert Saleh, New York Jets
    • If he can take the Jets to the playoffs (which seems likely) then he’s for sure in the conversation to win the award

Top-5 Picks of the 2024 NFL Draft

Tad’s Top-5 Picks

  • 1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    • How about this for an upset pick
    • I think in a competitive division because it’s so bad with no QB, they’re really going to suck
  • 2. Arizona Cardinals
    • I mean yeah…
  • 3. Indianapolis Colts
    • Anthony Richardson is going to have himself quite the rookie year and not in a good way
    • We saw how this team falls apart without Jonathan Taylor
  • 4. Arizona Cardinals (via Houston Texans)
    • Texans are on the right path, but not quite there yet
  • 5. Tennessee Titans
    • I just don’t see them competing well in a division that is going to beat itself up
    • Plus they have no quarterback, an aging Derrick Henry and a questionable O-line at best

Amar’s Top-5 Picks

  • 1. Arizona Cardinals
    • Less said here, the better…
  • 2. Arizona Cardinals (via Houston Texans)
    • This pick would go to Arizona, but the optimism is higher in Houson compared to any other team on this list
  • 3. Los Angeles Rams
  • 4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • 5. Indianapolis Colts
    • While Anthony Richardson should improve as the season goes along, they don’t have much else to depend on
      1. Especially if Jonathan Taylor doesn’t play a down for the Colts this year

Potential Offseason Head Coach Openings

Tad: Los Angeles Chargers – Brandon Staley

  • This guy has zero reason to fail this year
  • I don’t care how strong his division is – you have one of the top offenses in the league, you gotta succeed man
  • On the other side of the ball, you have two top five players at their position

Amar: Arizona Cardinals – Jonathan Gannon

  • They could potentially move on if they can go after a bigger name in the offseason to groom Caleb Williams

Tad: Washington Commanders – Ron Rivera

  • New ownership usually wants new leadership
  • While they’ve definitely overperformed, this just has the feel of a team primed for a rebuild
  • Should he underperform in a division where that is relatively easy to do, it wouldn’t shock me if he got canned halfway through the season

Amar: Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Todd Bowles

  • To fire Byron Leftwich was not the right move and it’s going to cost them this season
  • The defense might be good, but it’ll tire out with the ineptitude of the offense

Amar: Dallas Cowboys – Mike McCarthy

  • If this team doesn’t make it into the NFC Championship round this year, consider him gone
    • My hot take is the Cowboys don’t even make it into the playoffs

Amar: Cleveland Browns – Kevin Stefanski

Amar: Las Vegas Raiders – Josh McDaniels

  • Unless Davante Adams can do his best Travis Hunter impression (played 144 snaps, both offense and defense combined for Colorado), this defense is going to cost McDaniels his job, regardless of how good his offense is

Division Winners and Super Bowl LVIII Winner

Division Winners

  • NFC North
  • NFC East
    • Tad: Philadelphia Eagles
    • Amar: Philadelphia Eagles
  • NFC South
    • Tad: Carolina Panthers
    • Amar: Carolina Panthers
  • NFC West
    • Tad: San Francisco 49ers
    • Amar: San Francisco 49ers
  • AFC North
    • Tad: Cincinnati Bengals
    • Amar: Baltimore Ravens
  • AFC East
    • Tad: New York Jets
    • Amar: Buffalo Bills
  • AFC South
    • Tad: Jacksonville Jaguars
    • Amar: Jacksonville Jaguars
  • AFC West
    • Tad: Kansas City Chiefs
    • Amar: Kansas City Chiefs

Super Bowl LVIII Winner

  • Tad’s Pick
    • Cincinnati Bengals (35) vs. Philadelphia Eagles (24)
  • Amar’s Pick
    • San Francisco 49ers (35) vs. Cincinnati Bengals (31)