New Crystal Ball Prediction Has USC Trojans Five-Star Flipping Commitment To Georgia

Credit: James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Five-Star EDGE Isaiah Gibson is one of the most sought-after recruits in the entire country. He shocked the entire recruiting world when he promptly committed to the USC Trojans immediately after his first official visit a few months ago.

Ever since, the 6-3, 263-pound soon-to-be senior in high school has been relentlessly recruited to flip his commitment by all of the top programs in the country. Most notably, his hometown school of Georgia.

Well, Gibson just had his official visit in Athens this past weekend and now On3’s VP of Recruiting, Steve Wiltfong, is putting in a prediction that Isaiah Gibson will indeed flip his commitment to Georgia.

“I think Georgia has got a really good chance to flip both of these guys back,” Wiltfong said last week during the Wiltfong Whiparound recruiting show. “Isaiah Gibson, he’s got Tennessee in the mix. Justus Terry is talking to a few other programs as well. I just think when they committed to USC, that only turned things up for Kirby Smart and Georgia. They’ll get them back this weekend [for official visits]. They were in instant communication with those guys, even from the moment they committed to USC. I don’t think anything has changed from the amount of dialogue they’ve had with Georgia, and now they’re back this weekend.”

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When Gibson, and Justus Terry (both from the State of Georgia) committed to USC, everyone knew that it was still a long way to the finish line. There has also been recent history of Georgia natives committing to USC but later flipping to the in-state program.

Both Mykel Williams and Christen Miller were once committed to USC, but now both star players anchor the defensive line for the Bulldogs.

What Can USC Trojans Do To Keep Isaiah Gibson?

There are two new factors at this point and time, however. One being that former Georgia Bulldog, Bear Alexander, made the move to LA to join the USC Trojans. He can be a great advocate for these young recruits on why he chose SC, and what has kept him in the program.

There is also the huge factor of having the best defensive line coach in America on staff, Eric Henderson. Henderson is a major reason why Isaiah Gibson committed to USC in the first place. He will need to continue doing what he does best in order to keep Gibson committed.

During the On3 Elite Series in Nashville last week, Gibson had this to say:

“If I were to change, it would be location first, I would say,” Gibson said. “And just overall culture and environment of the players and the coaches that are there. So that would probably be the difference-maker. But as I said before, I don’t plan on decommitting or anything like that.”

This was obviously before his official visit to Athens, and based on this latest crystal ball from Wiltfong, Coach Henny, Coach Lynn, and Coach Riley will need to put some more work in to keep Isaiah Gibson committed to the USC Trojans.