Should Cooper Kupp Be Included In The Top 5 Rams Receivers Of All Time?

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When discussing the greatest receivers in the history of the Los Angeles Rams, names like Isaac Bruce, Torry Holt, Elroy Hirsch, and Henry Ellard often dominate the conversation. However, the emergence of Cooper Kupp as a prolific pass-catcher for the Rams in recent years, begs the question: Is Cooper Kupp worthy of being considered a top 5 Rams Receiver of all time? In this article, we present a poll to gauge the opinions of fans and experts, inviting them to weigh in on Kupp’s place among the franchise’s receiving greats.

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The Case for Cooper Kupp:

Cooper Kupp has quickly become a vital part of the LA Rams wide receiver depth chart since joining the team in 2017. Known for his precise route-running, reliable hands, and ability to make contested catches, Kupp has consistently been a favorite target for Rams quarterbacks. He has showcased exceptional consistency and reliability, tallying impressive receiving numbers and setting multiple franchise records. With his remarkable production and impact on the field, Kupp has undoubtedly earned a place in the conversation of top Rams receivers, ranking 4th in franchise receiving yards.

The Case Against Cooper Kupp:

One argument is that Kupp’s impressive statistics may be a result of the modern passing era in football, which has seen an increase in passing attempts and inflated receiving numbers compared to previous eras.

Another point of contention is the role of Rams QB Matthew Stafford in Kupp’s success. Since Stafford arrived in Los Angeles, he has developed a strong connection with Kupp and has consistently targeted him in the passing game. Kupp leads all Rams receivers in receptions per game, indicating the significant volume of passes directed his way.

When comparing Kupp to legendary Rams receivers of the past, such as the aforementioned, you can argue that Kupp’s body of work falls short in terms of sustained excellence and impact on the game. There are valid reasons why some may hesitate to include him in the Top 5 Rams Receivers of all time currently.

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The Legacy of Rams Receiving Greats:

To assess whether Kupp belongs among the top 5 Rams receivers of all time, it is crucial to revisit the legacy of the franchise’s receiving legends. Players like Bruce and Holt, who were integral to the Rams’ “Greatest Show on Turf” era, set the bar exceptionally high. Their combination of speed, route-running prowess, and big-play ability helped lead the Rams to a Super Bowl victory and left an indelible mark on the franchise.

Additionally, the accomplishments of Henry Ellard, Elroy “Crazy Legs” Hirsch, and Jack Snow cannot be overlooked, as they each contributed significantly to the team’s success during their respective eras. Eras that were decidedly less reliant on the passing game.

The debate over whether Cooper Kupp belongs in the top 5 Rams receivers of all time is an intriguing one, as it invites fans and experts to assess the legacy of the franchise and weigh Kupp’s accomplishments against those of the Rams’ receiving greats. While some argue that Kupp’s consistent production, record-setting performances, and impact on the team make him deserving of the honor, others believe he has yet to achieve the same level of sustained success and dominance as players like Bruce and Holt.

Ultimately, the poll results and opinions presented in this article highlight the diversity of perspectives and the passionate discourse surrounding Kupp’s place among the Rams’ receiving elite. As the Rams continue their journey, Kupp’s career trajectory and future accomplishments will further shape the narrative and potentially solidify his status among the all-time greats. He may easily finish as one of the Rams’ all-time greats, but with a Super Bowl win and Super Bowl MVP already under his belt, is it too early to rank him that high?

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