Complete 7-Round LA Chargers Mock Draft

Every Round, Every Pick! Check out this 7-Round Chargers Mock Draft.

The Los Angeles Chargers roster is loaded with stars. However, last season exposed a major weakness: lack of depth. When those stars got injured, they were replaced with players typically found on XFL rosters. It’s imperative that not happen again.

If the Chargers are serious about not getting the Bandy back together, they need to add depth through the NFL draft this year. To do that, they need to target some key positions, but most importantly, they need to target a certain type of prospect. The kind that has a good floor and ceiling. In other words, players who could realistically contribute right away. No more dreaming about what JT Woods could be — if only he could tackle!

In terms of positions, the highest priorities are wide receiver, edge, and tight end. Running back could become a high priority too, depending on how the Austin Ekeler trade request unfolds. Safety could be addressed, but it depends on scheme fit not necessarily necessity.

In the later rounds (4th round and beyond), the Chargers will look to add more depth to cornerback, the defensive interior, and the offensive line. A kick returner is also likely with Deandre Carter signing with the Raiders.

With that in mind, here’s a 7-round mock draft. Today, I’ll be using PFF’s mock draft simulator, so please direct any of your “he wouldn’t be available” comments to the version of you who thinks they could engineer a better mock draft simulator than PFF.

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Chargers Mock Draft – 1st Round

Jordan Addison, WR, USC

After much consternation, I chose Jordan Addison over Zay Flowers due to his versatility, refined route running, and ability to beat press coverage. Although neither player was used as a returner, there were compelling reasons to choose Addison for that reason. While Flowers may have the tenacity to excel on the outside, his smaller size could limit him to a slot/gadget role.

Conversely, Addison’s slightly larger size, combined with his polished route running and press-beating releases, make him a strong candidate for an outside receiver spot. Additionally, Addison’s skills complement the existing roster well. With Mike Williams as the outside receiver, Allen and Addison could form a formidable duo, particularly on switch concepts. Together, their ability to create separation and get open with ease would make them a potent threat to opposing defenses.

Yes, edge could have been a viable position to address here, same with tight end, but ultimately, I like the upside of Addison. Sure, a guy like Marvin Mims seems like a legit sleeper, but there’s no guarantee he sticks round to 3rd round, and a 2nd round pick would also not be the greatest value for Mims. I’d rather go for the bird in hand here.

I did also explore the idea of a trade-down, but I feel like the Chargers are likely to stay at 21 and pick the best player available. Tom Telesco is what he is at this point.

Honorable mentions:

Brian Branch, DB, Alabama would make sense here, but I also don’t see him actually dropping this far. But he’s a legit talent, and I wouldn’t mind him here. Added value as an occasional returner too.

Chargers Mock Draft – 2nd Round

NCAA Football: Boise State at Oregon State
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Luke Musgrave, TE, Oregon State

Luke Musgrave, shows promise as an NFL prospect despite limited college production, due to his impressive physical attributes — he’s 6-6 and can run 4.6/40. However, his injury history raises some concerns about his durability at the next level. Although some players overcome their injury issues, it’s essential to consider the risk when evaluating their potential. Nevertheless, Musgrave’s ceiling and floor are worth the gamble. Not to mention, his connection to the northwest US, like fellow Oregon product Justin Herbert and Chargers offensive coordinator Kellen Moore, all but guarantee him a spot in the next Kendall Auto Group Commercial.

Chargers Mock Draft – 3rd Round

Syndication: Gator Sports

Isaiah McGuire, DE, Missouri

Discovering a talented pass rusher outside of the first round can be a rare occurrence, but prospects like Isaiah McGuire are the kind you can reliably find. McGuire, a defensive end from Missouri, relies on his power rather than bend or an extensive array of pass-rushing moves. Although power is often underappreciated in pass rushers, it can provide an effective tool to disrupt the pocket. This undervalued skill is where McGuire’s potential value lies as a later-round selection.

While McGuire may not fit the typical mold of a Brandon Staley edge defender, which tends to favor athletic and versatile types, he could provide a replacement for Chris Rumph. Although Rumph is more agile and flexible, he also has the nickname “String Bean” from Joey Bosa. Considering Rumph’s ho-hum production, McGuire’s power-based approach could be more than welcome.

Chargers Mock Draft – 4th Round

Syndication: The Des Moines Register
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Anthony Johnson Jr., S, Iowa State

While the Chargers do not have an urgent need for a safety, selecting Anthony Johnson Jr. in the draft would make sense for several reasons. Firstly, Johnson is not solely a safety prospect. Some scouts think he could stick at outside corner, and given Brandon Staley’s history of player development, it’s not entirely unreasonable to think that could happen. However, considering his size and hip fluidity, Johnson is more likely to transition to safety. There, he profiles as a player similar to current free agent John Johnson III, who thrived under Staley when he was the Rams defensive coordinator.

Although the Chargers have Alohi Gilman in their secondary, JT Woods appears to be a player who may not be ready to step up in Nasir Adderley’s absence. Johnson could be the replacement.

Chargers Mock Draft – 5th Round

NCAA Football: Rose Bowl-Penn State at Utah
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Juice Scruggs, OL, Penn State

While Juice Scruggs may not see much playing time for the Chargers in 2023 if drafted, this would be a very good thing: the Chargers managed to stay healthy! However, in the event that injuries do occur, Scruggs would be a valuable addition to the team with his ability to line up all over the line. Furthermore, his versatility as a center could prove to be extremely beneficial if Corey Linsley‘s knee tendonitis continues to flare up in the upcoming season. Scruggs could even be a potential successor to Lindsey if the need arises.

Having a player like Scruggs who is capable of playing multiple positions along the offensive line can provide valuable depth and flexibility for the team.

Chargers Mock Draft – 6th Round

NCAA Football: CFP National Championship-Texas Christian at Georgia
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Derius Davis, WR, TCU

Despite receiving a low grade from PFF (D+, WTF!), I believe Derius Davis would be a steal for the Chargers in the 6th round of the draft. With his blazing speed (running a 4.36/40), he could help address the team’s need for a fast receiver. Most importantly, his skills as a kick and punt returner make him a valuable asset for special teams, where he would see most of his playing time.

While Davis may not have much to offer beyond his speed as a receiver, this isn’t necessarily a problem for the Chargers. The team has plenty of other players — including Jordan Addison in this scenario — who can handle the more nuanced aspects of playing the position. Davis’s speed could be particularly useful in certain situations, such as deep passes, or as a decoy to draw coverage away from other receivers.

Overall, Davis’s speed and return skills make him a low-risk, high-reward pick in the later rounds of the draft.

Chargers Mock Draft – 7th Round

NCAA Football: Jackson State at Florida A&M
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Aubrey Miller Jr., LB, Jackson State

With their final pick, the Chargers could take a flier on linebacker Aubrey Miller out of Jackson State. Although he’s undersized and not a thumper, Miller offers value as a coverage linebacker with his athleticism and speed. He has shown the ability to match up against tight ends and running backs in college.

While he played at the Division II level, Miller was coached by former NFL superstar Deion Sanders, which could indicate some untapped potential. Additionally, the Lions had success drafting another Jackson State alum in the sixth round last year, so there’s some precedent for success. Overall, Miller could be a low-risk, high-reward pick for the Chargers in the seventh round.


Considering the objectives I outlined at the beginning of this Chargers mock draft, I’m happy with this haul for the Chargers. They managed to get a receiver in Addison who’s talented enough to battle for playing time, and would give the Chargers a solid starter if their veterans go down. They got a tight end to add to a group including Gerald Everett and Donald Parham. And an edge player whose skills translate to the NFL.

If you include Anthony Johnson Jr., this draft could potentially, and even realistically, yield 4 starters in the first four rounds. Plus, a kick returner with one of the Day 3 picks. This is the sort of mix of players that could maybe not Charger for once.

Knock on JT Woods.


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