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In the NFC North, the Chicago Bears have not had a perfect run in the past. This season is no different. After moving on from Jay Cutler, and handing the keys of the car to replacement quarterback Mike Glennon, the Bears traded up to the number two pick to draft Mitchell Trubisky in a surprising move that makes him the heir apparent and future of the Bears organization.

Another promising player is rookie running back Tarik Cohen, a fourth-round draft pick from North Carolina A&T. With quick feet and an unusual running style, Cohen is a force to be reckoned with during any game. He has quickly become a fan favorite, and all eyes will be on him as the season progresses. Could the “Human Joystick” be the Bears’ new weapon?

As they enter the season with seven injuries–three questionable, one doubtful, and three unknown–they do not seem to be off to a good start. Among the injured is Bears veteran Kyle Long with an ankle injury that had required surgery in the preseason. He is one of the ones listed as questionable to return and has had limited participation during practices. We are hoping to see him make a successful comeback soon. One player that may not be back in the game anytime soon is Prince Amukamara, a first-year Bear that is also out with an ankle injury. Amukamara has not been able to practice and is listed as doubtful to play in any upcoming games.

Here is the week by week breakdown of the Chicago Bears 2017 season.

Week Three (9/24) VS Pittsburgh Steelers

This game is all about the Steelers, a strong defense, and an offensive onslaught. The Steelers defense will hold the Bears off for quite some time. Glennon will have his work cut out for him as the Steelers potent offense will force him to throw, even before he is ready.

Result: Loss 36-17

Week Four (9/28) @ Green Bay Packers

Two rivals will take the field, and only one will win. Green Bay has a good offense and knows how to work together. With Chicago still working on getting their injured players better, they will have a disadvantage in this game.

Result: Loss 40-27

Week Five (10/9) VS Minnesota Vikings

With Kyle Long and Prince Amukamara potentially back, the Bears will have a fighting chance in a home-field advantage against Minnesota. After losing two games in a row, the Bears will be itching for a win. But they still might not have what it takes to beat the Vikings.

Result: Loss 24-14

Week Six (10/15) @ Baltimore Ravens

This is the week for Chicago. After suffering three consecutive losses, the Bears will need a win to boost morale. They will find it this week in a close game against Baltimore.

Result: Win 30-21

Week Seven (10/22) VS Carolina Panthers

The week following a win is always tough, and the Bears will be looking for another. The Panthers have a potent offense and a stalwart defense that they will use to get the upper hand. It will be a close game in the beginning, but the Panthers will come alive in the second half.

Result: Loss 24-14

Week Eight (10/29) @ New Orleans Saints

Midway through the season, the Bears will start to get tired and let the record slide. New Orleans will take advantage of this and keep piling on the points. Although most of the team should be back to full health, injuries from the beginning of the season will start to take their toll.

Result: Loss 42-21

Week Nine: Bye

Week Ten (11/12) VS Green Bay Packers

After some much-needed rest, the Bears will host a close game against the Packers. Since these teams have already played each other, they will play to each other’s weaknesses and keep the game interesting. Green Bay will still end up ahead against Glennon and the Bears.

Result: Loss 30-27

Week Eleven (11/19) VS Detroit Lions

Another exciting week for the Bears. Following a hard loss to the Packers, Chicago is waiting for another win. They will find it by the end of this game in the chill of Soldier Field.

Result: Win 40-35

Week Twelve (11/26) @ Philadelphia Eagles

A very close game. It will be a game that goes down to the last second against an old friend, Alshon Jeffery. Two strong teams will go head to head, but the Eagles have home-field advantage and will utilize it to their fullest ability.

Result: Loss 32-28

Week Thirteen (12/3) VS San Francisco 49ers

Although the 49ers are better than last year, they are still behind the Bears in this game. Chicago has faced this same offense before and, therefore, knows its weak spots. The Bears will get ahead and stay there to finish this game with ease.

Result: Win 37-20

Week Fourteen (12/10) @ Cincinnati Bengals

Though the Bears have the advantage in running, it is no match for the Bengals aggressive offense. When the teams take the field, the Bengals will apply an intense amount of pressure to Glennon and the Bears offense. The bitter cold of December will not be a friend to any player with injury either, especially those involving knees or ankles.

Result: Loss 21-13

Week Fifteen (12/16) @ Detroit Lions

It has been a while since Chicago has won in Detroit and this game will not be any different. Even though the Bears have a good defense and won against the Lions at home, there is something about a home-field advantage that makes any team come back to life. Unfortunately, the Bears will still struggle to pull off a win this late in the season.

Result: Loss 30-20

Week Sixteen (12/24) VS Cleveland Browns

Christmas magic is in the air as both teams look to give their fans a nice present for the holiday. The game will be an extremely close one that will keep fans, coaches, and teammates on their toes. However, Glennon and Cohen will get that Christmas miracle for the Bears against Kizer, Garrett, and Peppers.

Result: Win 34-20

Week Seventeen (12/31) @ Minnesota Vikings

Both teams will want to finish the year strong; there is no doubt about that. However, Minnesota will get the upper hand in this match. The Vikings are simply the more talented team and may still be battling for a playoff berth, making this matchup much more important for Skol Nation.

Result: Loss 30-17

The Bears will finish the season 4-12.

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