Chargers Vs. Dolphins: Rookie/ Special Teams Difference Makers For Week 1

Week 1- Chargers vs. Dolphins: Which rookies and special teamers should you be on the lookout for?

We’re finally here at the start of the regular season! So it’s time to look at the Chargers players that will be the difference makers for this first game:

Check out the Offensive and the Defensive Difference Makers for Chargers vs. Dolphins.

Rookie Difference Makers For Week 1: Chargers Vs. Dolphins

Tuli Tuipulotu, Edge Rusher

Tuipulotu will be a good backup option and I’m curious to see if he’ll get any playing time this first matchup. He’s been learning a lot from Bosa and Mack and it’ll be great to see him apply that all to a game setting.

Derius Davis, Wide Receiver

Davis has looked great in the preseason. With his special teams experience and speed, he’s the perfect replacement for wide receiver DeAndre Carter and is versatile enough to serve many needs.

NFL: Preseason-New Orleans Saints at Los Angeles Chargers
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Daiyan Henley, Linebacker

Henley has been a beast during the preseason, showing off his pass rushing and tackling abilities. He’s a much needed depth piece. His status for Sunday’s game is still in question with a hamstring issue.

Quentin Johnston, Wide Receiver

Johnston had a receiving touchdown in the first preseason game against the Rams as well as a handful of receptions during the rest of the preseason games. He was also making quite a splash during camp. Right now he’s listed on the depth chart behind Allen and I’m unsure if they’ll move him around like Williams or have him more on the outside. I also don’t know how much of a difference he’ll make yet given the talent of this wide receiver room. So he’s cautiously on my list.

Special Teams Difference Makers For Week 1: Chargers Vs. Dolphins

NFL: Preseason-Los Angeles Chargers at San Francisco 49ers
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J.K. Scott, Punter

Scott was showing some great hang time during the preseason, with his best average being 4.91 seconds for the Saints game. He’ll look to keep that streak up during this game and future ones.

Cameron Dicker, Kicker

Dicker was so consistent during preseason and I’m happy the Chargers were able to retain him. I’m looking forward to more perfect kicks.