Chargers Tight End Projections: Will 2023 Be Donald Parham’s Breakout Year? 

Will this be Donald Parham's year to shine? Or Will the Chargers Tight Ends go in a different direction

Los Angeles Chargers tight end, Donald Parham had a rough year for the team last season. He only played just 169 snaps in seven games in 2022 due to injuries. Despite the lack of playing time, Parham still had one receiving touchdown and 153 receiving yards, only 37 yards less than his career-high of 190 in 2021. His run blocking grade according to Pro Football Focus (PFF) was also identical to 2021’s at 63.1, and he ended the season ranking fifth amongst the team in that area. Parham does need to improve in pass blocking, but perhaps teaming up with Gerald Everett or Stone Smartt will help him find his groove in the new Kellen Moore run offense.

What Will The Chargers Tight End Room Look Like With Kellen Moore Running The Offense?

Brandon Staley talked a bit about the Chargers tight ends during the annual league meeting, mentioning specifically that they were glad to get Parham back, and he seems excited about what Moore will do with that group.

Dalton Schultz had the second most receiving yards of the Cowboys this past season at 699 with eight receiving touchdowns. His run-blocking grade, like Parham’s, was also in the 60s. Jake Ferguson, the other tight end on the Dallas roster, had the sixth most receiving yards of the team at 208 and had two receiving touchdowns.

According to an episode of “The Breakdown” Brett Kollmann said that Dallas was 10th in the league in 12 personnel packages and the high numbers for these tight ends demonstrate just how utilized they were in that offense.

Though the Chargers also had Tre’ McKitty and Smartt on their roster, neither made the dent that Everett did, who took on even more snaps when Keenan Allen and Mike Williams were out. The increased reliance on him ended up paying off as he had career-highs in receiving touchdowns (five) and receiving yards (664). Everett had to be an island because McKitty isn’t a high-caliber player and Smart was a rookie, but sometimes being the lone, reliable tight end isn’t a great position to be in, as the workload is just too high.

With Moore around it seems there will be more two tight end packages, and given Parham’s skills over Smartt and McKitty, it appears like most of these two tight-end packages may feature him and Everett, leading to more opportunities for Parham and taking some of the burdens off Everett.

The Outlook on Parham: What Direction Will The Chargers Go In 2023?

Parham is a solid player, deserving of more snaps and chances to make his mark. If the Chargers do draft a tight end who’s going to take on that secondary role, or they can’t seem to spread around the ball enough, Parham may take a backseat this year. But based on Moore’s heavy use of tight ends in Dallas, it seems like this may be Parham’s year.

What do you think? Will Donald Parham have career highs this year?