“My Coach Is Cooler Than Yours” Chargers LB Daiyan Henley’s Epic Phone Call with Jim Harbaugh Goes Viral

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A player reaching out to a new coach is nothing surprising. Doing it live during a Twitch stream is a bit unorthodox, to put it lightly. But that is exactly what Los Angeles Chargers second-year linebacker Daiyan Henley did. To make it a true anomaly head coach Jim Harbaugh was attending the Tom Brady Roast that was held across the street from the Chargers’ home, SoFi stadium at the Kia Forum. Which takes the video from an endearing moment between player and coach and ratchets it up to baller status.

The video starts with Henley apparently pondering a teammate to call and landing on Harbaugh. But wondered if Harbaugh was already in bed, as Henley puts it, “Because Jim an old dude, he might be sleeping. Considering he was at the 3-hour event that started at 5 pm PST, that would be an early bedtime, even for ‘old dudes.’

Daiyan Henley Rings Chargers HC While on Twitch

Initially, Harbaugh didn’t answer. But called back within 5 minutes. Henley greeted him with a salute and a hardy “That’s my coach.” Coach Harbaugh gave a “was up” to the live stream and bounced. But that was all Heneley needed to get pumped and initiate a celebratory song and dance.

But right before, he exclaimed, “My Coach is Cooler Than Yours.”


The fact that Harbaugh would take time away from an exclusive event like the Tom Brady Roast to call back one of his players speaks volumes about the kind of leader Harbaugh is. The fact that Henley was so genuinely excited to get called back and have a short interaction with his coach speaks to the type of buy-in the Chargers roster has heading into the season.

With all that is wrong in the world, this is the kind of story we need right now.

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