Top 4 Chargers GM Options Now That Adam Peters Is Off The Board

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The heat has just been turned up on the Los Angeles Chargers GM search. While the Chargers have cast a broad sweeping net to locate the next general manager the Washington Commanders aimed and pulled the trigger. With a decisive move, the Commanders landed the big fish of GM candidates, Adam Peters. Peters earned that distinction in his most recent position as John Lynch‘s right-hand man with the San Francisco 49ers as his assistant general manager. He has been with the 49ers since 2017, the beginning of the Kyle Shanahan tenure.

This raises two pertinent questions; will the Chargers be forced to move more quickly with the first GM domino to fall and who are the other options for the Chargers for the job?

To answer the first question, this will certainly hasten the Chargers GM search with the Las Vegas Raiders and the Carolina Panthers still on the hunt. But who are the best candidates for the job?

Los Angeles Chargers GM Short List

Chicago Bears Assistant GM Ian Cunningham

The Bears may not be the most inspiring place to come from, but Ian Cunninghan has worked with some of the league’s best general managers. He started his front-office career working under Ozzie Newsome in Baltimore from 2008-2016. He then moved to the Philadelphia Eagles in 2017 to work for Howie Roseman. Cunningham worked there till 2021 before joining the Bears front office in 2022.

Cleveland Browns Head of Player Personnel Glenn Cook

Glenn Cook has over a decade of experience in NFL front offices and has been with the Browns since 2016. When Andrew Berry was hired as general manager in 2020, Cook was promoted to his current role. He has also worked in the scouting departments of the Indianapolis Colts and the Green Bay Packers. Having been with the Browns through ups and downs, Cook has seen the process of turning a bad team into a good team. He also has experience operating within a family-run franchise.

Indianapolis Assistant GM Ed Dodds

Unlike the first two, the Chargers GM search hasn’t included Ed Dodds, but if they are interested in landing Jim Harbaugh they may want to consider Dodds. Dodds and Harbaugh worked together for the Raiders in 2003. Dodds also has a stellar GM tree as well. He has worked under Chris Ballard in his time in Indy and also worked for the Seattle Seahawks.

The Las Vegas Raiders are interested in Dodds and Harbaugh. If the Chargers can’t live without Harbaugh, then it may behoove them to move quickly and nab Dodds.

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Chargers GM Candidate: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Chargers Interim GM JoJo Wooden

The best thing JoJo Wooden brings to the table is a decade-long relationship with the Spanos family. That’s plenty of evidence that the Spanos trust and respect Wooden, not to mention that they’ve already made him Chargers GM once, although on an interim basis. Ultimately, Chargers success depends on their hiring of a trusted general manager, so that they will allow the football people to dictate what happens in the locker room and on the field.