Bryce Love Has Average Day As Average Season Nears End

Stanford Photo Credit: Daniel Hartwig - Under Creative Commons License

Due to the California wildfires, the Stanford Cardinal didn’t play in Week 12 against Cal, a game that was rescheduled for Dec. 1. With that extra time, it gave some injured Cardinal a chance to recover, while the possibility of a bowl game looked more possible after a Week 11 win.

As for UCLA, Chip Kelly hasn’t been having a very jolly season, led by a basket case of injuries and a Russian roulette-style of quarterbacks. Lately, Stanford’s been in the same path with the absence of countless injuries. Either way, both teams were destined for different endings, despite Stanford falling off after hiccups in Pac-12 North games.

With a running threat like Josh Kelley, the Stanford defense did allow him to rush for two touchdowns but restricted him to under 100 yards. In the week prior against Southern Cal, Kelley ran for over 200 yards, so it’s a huge stepping stone, though the Cardinal run defense has always been lights out. As for Stanford’s offense, Costello had a huge performance, thanks to Arcega-Whiteside’s return, 106 yards, and three touchdowns.

To prepare for Stanford’s five NFL prospects against Cal on Dec. 1, refer back to Week 11.

RB Bryce Love

Stats vs. UCLA: 23 carries, 93 yards, touchdown

Player notes: It was a given that Love would have a gnarly day and it was quite refreshing to see Love get most of the carries with Cameron Scarlett as a refreshment. Before UCLA, Love’s had some bad luck in getting to the first down marker, but he achieved that feat several times in Week 13.

One weakness of Love’s game is that – much like Stanford as a whole – the ability to play through all four quarters isn’t a matter of endurance but rather seizing opportunities.

Game Day Grade: B

Draft stock: Mid-second

TE Kaden Smith

Stats vs. UCLA: N/A

Player notes: DNP due to injury

Game Day Grade: N/A

Draft stock: Early sixth

OG Nate Herbig

Player notes: DNP due to injury

Game Day Grade: N/A

Draft stock: Early-to-mid seventh

MLB Bobby Okereke

Stats vs. UCLA: 7 tackles

Player notes: The biggest part of Okereke’s afternoon was containing Joshua Kelley, who had a season-low in yards, and he did, even cueing Martell Irby to share the load. Despite 21 incompletions and six sacks against UCLA’s quarterback, Wilton Speight did throw for over 400 yards (Wilson, Howard were responsible for 272).

Both Kendall Williamson and Frank Buncom saw more action than Okereke, but the 42 points allowed by the Stanford defense was the most UCLA scored all season in one game.

Game Day Grade: B-

Draft stock: Early fourth

CB Alijah Holder

Stats vs. UCLA: 3 tackles

Player notes: Compared to Stanford’s two receivers of 100-plus yards, UCLA’s Wilson and Howard did have a fairly average day. Holder wasn’t involved in jaw-dropping plays but got his hands on a few of them midway through the game.

Chase Cota, Holder’s assignment, did have a couple of long-yard gains, but it didn’t mean much in the big scheme of things, as he finished with only three receptions and 38 yards.

Game Day Grade: C

Draft stock: Early sixth