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The first wave of free agency is over and while the Rams added quality players in Leonard Floyd and A’Shawn Robinson to improve the defense and were able to bring back Michael Brockers, there is still work to do.

The Rams have $15 million, a full tank of gas, and half a pack of cigarettes to sign a few more players before turning their attention to signing their future draft picks. There are two areas that demand more attention than a new David Fincher movie, the pass rush, and the offensive line. Both are definitely going to be addressed in the draft but that doesn’t mean the Rams shouldn’t kick the tires on some vets. Here are the best free agents still available for the Rams.

Best Free Agents Still Available For The Rams

Jadeveon Clowney – DE/Edge

Oh, wait, cap space…

Everson Griffen – DE/Edge

It’s no secret the Rams need a reliable pass rusher. Griffen is a 10-year vet, formerly of the Vikings, and the 32-year-old still has a lot left to give.

He had 70 total pressures and nine sacks which could go up playing alongside Brockers and Aaron Donald. Griffen also is a former Trojan which is an added bonus for most LA fans.

Cameron Wake – DE/Edge

There was a report that the 38-year-old was set to retire and his agent let the world know that tales of his retirement were greatly exaggerated.

Now, Wake was an ELITE pass rusher in his prime but his production has reasonably fallen off as he’s nearing his 40’s. That said, he wouldn’t need to start anymore and having a guy like Wake in the rotation would be a great asset.

He has the ability to be the guy that gets the big sack or pressure in a big moment. He can be an opportunist, and like Monix, could be acquired for a washing machine.

Rashard Higgins – WR

A solid pass rush…sorry habit, but seriously the 5th year wideout isn’t exactly a proven commodity and isn’t high on the list of best free agents available. He’s struggled with injuries for most of his career and has yet to have a breakout moment. Wait come back there’s a point here!

For one thing, his failure to launch is due to the fact Higgins played for the Browns, specifically Hue Jackson. That’s dark. Then once the Browns got good he got buried on the depth chart because the team picked up Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry. He hasn’t had a chance to really shine.

He’d provide decent depth and could be extra insurance should Brandin Cooks get hurt and Josh Reynolds is asked to carry a bigger load. Could the Rams draft someone to fill that role? Yes, yes they could, but why not get someone with some experience?

Nigel Bradham – LB

The Rams let Cory Littleton go (still not over it) for what turned out to be a bargain deal for the OakVegas Raiders. They also let Clay Matthews go and are all of a sudden in the market for a linebacker.

Enter Bradham, who might have a lot to be desired as a run stopper but could give at least 80% of the coverage Littleton gave. He’d fit alongside Floyd and former Monday Night Football hero Samson Ebukam.

At the very least he’d be a nice bridge while whomever the Rams draft develops, and who knows, maybe having the linebacker whisperer in defensive coordinator Brandon Staley, can unlock him more so than Philadelphia did.

Ezekiel Ansah – Edge

This list started with an edge and needs to end with one. Ansah had a brutal 2019 battling various injuries and never made the impact Seattle hoped he would. That said, if healthy he needs a team to rebuild his value because in Detroit he was damn good.

He’d be the bargain of all bargains if he can go to LA on a one year deal and get close to what he was in Detroit. Like Wake, he wouldn’t even necessarily have to start. He can be an overqualified rotational player and become an awesome opportunist.

Most of these names aren’t likely to be considered among the best free agents available at least to the casual fan. That doesn’t mean these guys couldn’t be extremely valuable in the long run. The Rams are a lot closer to being what they were in 2018 than people think and some savvy vets could make the difference.

Ezekiel Ansah. Photo Credit: Brook Ward | Under Creative Commons License

Ezekiel Ansah. Photo Credit: Brook Ward | Under Creative Commons License

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