Los Angeles Rams 1st Round Pick Is GOAT Approved, ‘Powerful, Explosive, So Much to Like About This Guy’

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Surprisingly, New England Patriots six-time Super Bowl-winning coach, Bill Belichick joined the Pat McAfee 2024 NFL Draft broadcast to give his takes on all the proceedings. The defensive genius shared his thoughts on Jared Verse, the Los Angeles Rams pick at number 19 in the first round. Their first such pick since 2016.

Belichick’s Comments on Los Angeles Rams 1st Round Pick

Los Angeles Rams Draft Pick
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Here is what Belichick said of Verse while watching TV highlight cut-ups:

“He can play outside can play inside. He’s powerful, explosive. There’s so much to like about this guy.

Winning against Graham Barton of Duke: “This kid’s a very explosive, tough player.”

Faceing NC State: “His power rush. A very explosive guy can handle the running game in the in the C gap off tackle areas Here he is again shed in the block. Snatching that tackle coming inside. He gets off blocks. He attacks the pocket well and he’s got a lot of power.”

Belichick’s final praise for Verse was on a broader scale, the general importance of having a force of nature along the defensive front, like now-retired Aaron Donald.

“You gotta stop the run to rush the passer. That’s one thing Verse can do. He can handle the run and he can rush the passer. You earn the right to rush the passer by stopping the run and getting ahead. That’s how you earn that right.

The Rams 2023 Defense

The Rams’ defense did a good job last season earning the right to rush the passer. They allowed the 12th-lowest rushing success rate in the league last year, 37.5 percent. But they fell short when rushing the passer, getting pressure at the 25th-ranked rate.

The Rams are facing a massive uphill climb to course correct in light of Donald’s retirement. Not only was Donald the leading pass rusher for an anemic Rams pass rush, but his knock-on effect in the running game, as Belichick highlights, will affect their efforts to get to quarterbacks as well.

Verse is a step in the right direction, but will not solve the Los Angeles Rams’ problems on defense.

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Los Angeles Rams Defensive Lineman Aaron Donald. Photo Credit: Brevin Townsell | LA Rams