About Jamal Madni

Jamal might formally be a tech entrepreneur, software engineer, and professor, but his true self is an eater, breather, and sleeper of all things LA sports. Growing up falling in love with the Lakers after the ‘91 NBA Finals, spending his childhood summers at UCLA basketball and Dodgers baseball camps, to attending USC during the peak Matt Leinart-Reggie Bush years, Jamal’s first love has always been LA sports. Kobe’s place in history, the Pyramid of Success, the Spirit of Troy, and the mystique of Chavez Ravine are always top of mind. When he’s not debating how much rope Chip Kelly has left or why Laker Nation is still lukewarm on LeBron, Jamal loves to travel, teach and spend time with his loved ones. Also, lots of people say they’re big-time LA sports fans, but how many people have a 4-tiered LA Sports wedding cake?

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