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Before the season began it was believed by many the New York Jets would go 0-16. Now in week 10 of the NFL season, they currently stand at 4-5. The Jets may be fourth in their division, but a lot of fans consider this season somewhat a success thus far. However, the idea of the Jets making the playoffs is ludicrous.

Why The Jets Won’t Land In The Playoffs

First, let’s take a look at the Jets division, the AFC East. As of now, the Patriots (6-2), Dolphins (4-4), and Bills (5-3) don’t have a losing record which doesn’t benefit the Jets whatsoever. Assuming the Patriots win the AFC East, the Jets would be left with shooting for a Wild Card opportunity. Second, the Jets will have a lot of competition for a Wild Card spot. They are currently ranked 21st in the league and I’m not convinced they move up the rankings much more the rest of the season, if at all. Lastly, The Jets are the 6th worst team on defense and currently ranked 17th on offense. With their current record and rankings, I’m not convinced that the Jets will even sniff a Wild Card spot.

Hope Versus Reality

The Jets should get a lot of credit for how much effort they put into this season so far. They were held to such a low standard before the season began, but they blocked out negativity and just played football. However, if you sit back and take a real long look at this team, you shouldn’t think about how they can make the playoffs, but actually how they can’t.

Realistically, the defense is suspect and should be the biggest worry for fans. Not to mention their schedule for the rest of the season won’t be a breeze. Over their next seven games, my guess is they will only win three. The Buccaneers, Broncos, and Chargers seem beatable for the Jets. The Panthers, Saints, Patriots, and Chiefs don’t. It’s tough for Jet fans to come to this realization, but they still have reason to be proud of their team.

JR DePierro

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