Worst Draft of 2024? Analytics Expert Slams Los Angeles Rams 2nd Round Pick

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The Los Angeles Rams draft has been roundly praised and graded highly by most draft experts and commentators, that is except for one holdout. Seth Walder, ESPN’s Sports Analytics expert, was asked on the “This is Football” podcast by host Kevin Clark who lost the 2024 Draft. Walder’s answer was the Rams. Here’s his explanation,

“I’m going to say the Rams. I was really critical of that trade that they made [for Braden Fiske] They traded 52, 155 and a future [2nd round pick] for 39. You’re giving up a future second round pick, and then some, in order just to move within the second round. I don’t think we need to do any math to agree that that doesn’t make a lot of sense. And that is taking a shiny object right in front of you because you can’t wait until next year. That is really costly.”

“Just to put in context, that was the most expensive, the highest overpay in day two in the last six years, at least that’s as far back as I as I have logged. That’s a really bad deal.”

The Los Angeles Rams Trade In Context of Donald’s Retirement

Donald's New Deal is in the Books
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It is hard to argue that the Los Angeles Rams spent a lot to go up and get Fiske, but given the circumstances, they were in once they lost their best defensive player and only load-bearing wall on that side of the ball, Aaron Donald, the Rams needed to make bold moves to try to rebuild their defensive line. The case isn’t, Fiske will replace Donald, but he is a part of a plan to mitigate the seismic change post-Donald.

Only time will tell if the move was worth the high price the Rams paid, but it was a bet they HAD to make. Not only did the team lose Donald, but they, also, only had one starting-caliber defensive lineman on the team.

Not only did the Rams need to add to the room, but they need high-level and immediate impact.

Los Angeles Rams Draft Pick Braden Fiske
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