NFL Analyst Endorses Day 2 QB for Los Angeles Rams: ‘Sean McVay Can Polish This Kid’

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The Los Angeles Rams’ drafting a quarterback in the 2024 NFL draft may be the most hotly debated topic among Rams. Outside of the myopic world of fandom, the idea is far from debatable. Insiders and analysts in the national media landscape have all pointed out the obvious fact that Matthew Stafford is in the last few years of his career.

Los Angeles Rams Fit with Spencer Rattler

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Charles Davis, NFL Analyst for 33rd Team, CBS Sports, and NFL Network, has joined the Pro-Rams-Draft-QB side. Davis thinks Sean McVay and Spencer Rattler are a match made in heaven. Here’s what Davis said on the matter,

“I’m looking at him going to the Rams in later rounds. Can you imagine once Sean McVay puts some polish on this kid sitting behind Matthew Stafford to learn for a while. That could give him an opportunity to eventually be a starter in this league, but I like the makeover off the field equally as much as what I’ve seen on the field.”

By later rounds, Davis was referring to the second or third round. The Rams currently have pick 52 in the second and 83 and 99 in the third. But they are always a candidate for a trade back to accumulate more bites at the metaphorical apple.

Rattler’s Attitude and Off The Field Perception

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Davis also spoke about the ‘makeover off the field’. That is a reference to the reputation he earned early in his career as a cocky and brash high school quarterback in the sports documentary series called QB1: Beyond the Lights. According to Davis, Spencer Rattler has gone through a ‘humbling process,’ which included being benched in favor of Caleb Williams at Oklahoma.

Davis reflects on the transformation that he has witnessed firsthand to some extent.

“He was the ‘It’ guy and the cameras were there, and frankly, that show didn’t do him any favors. It didn’t show him in a positive light. I ran into people and coaches who just talked about this kid said, ‘I don’t like him at all.'”

“I ran into [Rattler] a few years ago in the off season, he walked right up, introduced himself to me. I didn’t think he would know who I was and I’ve had a great relationship with the young man since then That’s all you hear from South Carolina. I think he had to go through the humbling process and remake himself. Now you remember why he was a five star kid when you watch him throw the football. When you watch him make plays in South Carolina.”

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